Fur-Ever Metal Benefit Concert Announced

Published: May 08, 2015

Go if you can…

You might not know it by looking at me, but I’m dynamite in the sack. I’m also fond of animals both great and small. But dogs are probably my favorite species, even though I own cats.

Most dogs I meet are cool as fuck, and just want nothing more than to say hello and sniff you out. If reincarnation is an actual thing, this skeptic hopes to return as a dog. Preferably a lab, owned by a family where the mom is a supermodel. Like Kathy Ireland’s family, or something.

Anyways, I like dogs. Had one once that I lost in a break-up. Miss that little guy a ton. Pooches and metal will collide on June 13 at the Loaded Hollywood in Los Angeles when Witchaven plays the Fur-Ever Metal benefit for no-kill animal shelters.

Shouldn’t it be Witchhaven?

The Razor KXRZ and One Spirit One World are behind the event. Here is the Facebook page for the event.

The event costs $5 and you’ll get a raffle ticket with every purchase, meaning you could win stuff from the likes of Warbringer and Huntress.

There’ll even be an appearance during the event by something called Cutie The Lion Dog.

All proceeds will be going toward select shelters, namely Animal Control, Agoura Hills and Best Friends Animal Society, Los Angeles Branch.

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