New Metal Releases: 6/2/2024 – 6/15/2024

Published: June 10, 2024

Here are all the new releases for June 2nd through June 15th. Releases reflect proposed North American scheduling, if available. Expect to see most of these albums on shelves or distros on Fridays.
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New Releases 6/2-6/8

DysrhythmiaCoffin of Conviction | Nightfloat Recordings | Progressive Metal | United States (New York City, NY)

Still crowing more chops than the entire Karate Kid franchise, this divisive power trio have introduced some extra nuances of light, shade and even sentiment on their ninth full-length, making these sinuous jazz-infected instrumentals easier to fathom than the glut of previous Dysrhythmia sides. Amid some knowing hyper-technical opulence, mangled algebra and high-yield shred, tracks such as “No Breath After Beauty” and “Light From The Zenith” roll out in ringing variegated ripples recalling much of Cynic’s post-Focus Brahmin grace.

–Spencer Grady

Severe TortureTorn from the Jaws of Death | Season of Mist | Death Metal | Netherlands (Boxtel)

Torn from the Jaws of Life, Severe Torture’s first album after a 14-year break, sits alongside recent works by Skeletal Remains and Nercrot as solid death metal that’s in no way advancing the genre but solidifying it as metal’s most evergreen. This shit works now just as well as it did in 2000 when the band formed and as well as it did in the 1990s, before Severe Torture’s time.

–Colin Dempsey

Fractal GeneratorConvergence | Everlasting Spew Records | Technical Death Metal | Canada (Sudbury, Ontario)

Fractal Generator has always excelled at creating interesting album concepts. Their last, 2021’s Macrocosmos, asked how humans would react to the discovery that they lived in a simulation, but only after sucking the Earth’s resources dry, while Convergence explores what would happen if new planets started unexpectedly appearing in our solar system. The Canadian trio retains their technical inclinations and synthetic atmospheres as storytelling devices without abandoning the basic human right to riffs.

–Colin Dempsey

Umbra VitaeLight of Death | Deathwish Inc. | Death Metal + Hardcore Punk | United States (Boston, MA)

Although this supergroup, comprised of members of Converge, Hatebreed, Twitching Tongues, Job for a Cowboy, and The Red Chord, call themselves death metal, at least in terms of their mindset, they’re just as much hardcore punk. Do you hear that guitar tone? How about Jacob Bannon’s growls? Although signifying this may be snotty, it’s best to expect Light of Death to play more like a hardcore album than a death metal record, albeit one crafted by individuals with diverse inputs.

–Colin Dempsey

Insect ArkRaw Blood Singing | Debemur Morti Productions | Avant-Garde Metal | Germany (Berlin)

Insect Ark’s large, droning, and apathetic fourth album Raw Blood Singing shouldn’t surprise anyone aware of the outfit’s members. Dana Schechter of Swans wrote the songs alone then handed them off to new drummer Tim Wyskida–of Khanate fame–to rework. A large gothic influence distinguishes Insect Ark from the members’ other projects and increases their accessibility, though your soul will be crushed inevitably.

–Colin Dempsey

Swelling RepulsionFatally Misguided | Transcending Obscurity | Death Metal | United States (Fort Collins, Colorado)

Drawing from multiple death metal schools without dogmatic devotion, Fatally Misguided plays like a celebration. The bouncy bass comes from technical late 90s acts while the guitar tones breathe rather than crush or slice. These are just two of the signs that Swelling Repulsion is journeying through their death metal collection and creating a mixtape of their favorite–and crucially, wide-ranging–influences.

–Colin Dempsey

CowardiceAtavist | Burning World Records | Doom Metal | United States (Summit, New Jersey)

Atavist is designed to be a hard listen. It’s 90 minutes long and lovingly aware of its structure. Although it’s split into two halves that each have their own vision, injecting some much-needed diversity, it’s still 90 minutes of doom. One could expect it to be emotionally flattening but would not guess its tenderness that comes from the raspy vocals and lithe riffing style. Both aspects negate any ennui that could come from a project as daunting as Atavist.

–Colin Dempsey

HuntsmenThe Dry Land | Prosthetic Records | Progressive Doom Metal | United States (Chicago, IL)

On The Dry Land, Huntsmen make a triumphant return to the LP format and transcend their already eccentric boundaries, further pushing heavy metal into an indefinable, liminal space where emotion and musical might combine. We’ve got an interview with the band coming out later this week!

–Ted Nubel

New Releases 6/9-6/15

UlcerateCutting the Throat of God | Debemur Morti Productions | Technical Death Metal | New Zealand (Auckland)

This incomparable New Zealand trio seem to up the ante with each subsequent seismic release. Believe it, anyone who lost their shizzle over 2020’s glorious Stare Into Death And Be Still is going to wanna keep an extra pair of slacks handy when digesting this full-bore doozy. An enigma wrapped in a dissonant riddle of tension-freighted paradoxes, Cutting The Throat… juggles space and time within its complex abyss, as gargantuan melancholic riff patterns and jaw-dropping tempo-changes gestate in chaotic perma-depths before erupting into meditative accumulations of angular, apocalyptic noise and polyrhythms portentously swinging like a gallows dancer riding the void.

–Spencer Grady

SIBIIRUndergang | Fysisk Format | Hardcore Punk + Black Metal | Norway (Oslo)

The interpretation of hardcore and black metal on SIBIIR’s third album is not quite as unkept as those genres usually appear. Undergang streamlines tracks into powerful engines and disposes of all fluff as it teeters between the type of second-wave black metal you’d expect from Norwegians and floor-clearing two-step anthems.

–Colin Dempsey

Crypt SermonThe Stygian Rose | Dark Descent Records | Doom Metal | United States (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The Stygian Rose was made to hook you right away. It amalgamates many of the traits you’d associate with classic heavy metal: dominant riffs, a swaggering pace, a spooky–though not scary– atmosphere, and a charismatic vocalist. Based on what Crypt Sermon said in the album’s liner notes, this was the main goal. Each facet is emboldened by the crisp and savory mixing, which should receive the highest praise due to how it empowers every aspect without letting them suffocate one another.

–Colin Dempsey

PerchtaD’muata | Prophecy Productions | Black Metal + Folk Metal | Austria (Tyrol)

Black metal and folk metal crossbreeds are not to everyone’s liking because of how easy it is to come off as theatre kids playing dress-up. The harsh vocals and cleans on D’muata teeter into that territory too, but overall, the album has enough grime to not feel like Perchta are doing cosplay. Again, there is a certain level of cheese with them, but tracks like “Ois wås man san” are all the more riveting because of the tension between black metal fundamentals and folk insights.

–Colin Dempsey

ApesPenitence | Secret Swarm | Grindcore + Black Metal | Canada (Quebec City, Quebec)

Apes has three guitarists because two wouldn’t be loud enough. They and their combined volume are the power source on Penitence, rather than speed or technicality. As such, the album is easy to follow along with, though no less punishing because of it.

–Colin Dempsey

Lucifer’s HammerBe and Exist | Dying Victims Productions | Heavy Metal | Chile (Santiago)

The latest Lucifer’s Hammer is a direct descendent of 80s heavy metal, boasting basslines and guitar melodies that owe their mortgages to Maiden and Priest. Obviously, carrying on the flames of the greats is none too novel, but Lucifer’s Hammer does it with subdued energy. There’s just as much care put into the solo and riff on “Glorious Night,” for example, as there is in its melodic bridge. These less energetic moments are where the group shines.

–Colin Dempsey

FellwardenLegend: Forged in Defiance | Eisenwald | Atmospheric Black Metal | United Kingdom (England)

Fellwarden is the solo project of Fen’s The Watcher, who released the excellent Monuments to Absence last year. It was Fen’s most “metal” record, so it’s a bit ironic that The Watcher is following it with an even more traditional metal album, at least aesthetically speaking. Legend: Forged in Defiance smells like lore and tomes. It draws from the novel Legend and is suitably towering. It’s vastly different from Fen’s works and is instead closer to later Bathory works, though with more distortion and a quicker pace.

–Colin Dempsey

REZNBurden | Sargent House | Psychedelic Doom + Stoner Metal | United States (Chicago, IL)

Enthralling and dazzlingly layered, REZN’s Sargent House debut takes their swirling heaviness to new heights. With this ascension they’ve still retained their core riffiness, thankfully, so expect some heavy jams and head-nodding madness.

–Ted Nubel

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