New Metal Releases: 5/26/2024 – 6/1/2024

Published: May 31, 2024

Here are all the new releases for May 26th through June 1st. Releases reflect proposed North American scheduling, if available. Expect to see most of these albums on shelves or distros on Fridays.
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New Releases 5/25-6/1

AdversarialSolitude with the Eternal… | Dark Descent | Black Metal + Death Metal | Canada (Toronto, Ontario)

On their first album in almost a decade, these Canadian consorts of the grotesque lay it on thicker than one of my nan’s homemade steak bakes, with endless viscid riffs convulsing like pupating maggots caught in a magma douche and chasmic gutturals rising from the trio’s deliriously callous Lovecraftian swill.

–Spencer Grady

Whoredom RifeDen Vrede Makt | Terratur Possessions | Black Metal | Norway (Trondheim)

Whoredom Rife keep black metal subservient to its Nordic roots even with clean production. That’s not a rare occurrence, but the point is that Den Vrede Makt‘s clear sound accentuates the malevolence. That comes through the atmosphere, comprised of melodic, overlapping guitar lines that are easy to distinguish and follow. It’s enthralling rather than overwhelming.

–Colin Dempsey

ThouUmbilical | Sacred Bones Records | Sludge Metal | United States (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Is Thou’s latest album their best? Some are already saying so, but that depends on which flavor of Thou you prefer. Umbilical, their first solo full-length LP since 2018, is one of their most direct releases. They shove their hardcore punk roots to center stage and wring all the grime, immediacy, and “fuck off” they can out of them. The new direction is partially due to drummer Tyler Coburn’s diverse blast beats. This is his first full record with Thou, and the group capitalizes on his chaotic presence.

–Colin Dempsey

SwampbeastOffering of Chaos, Lamenting in the Blood of Man | Translation Loss Records | Death Metal | United States (Los Angeles, California)

Swampbeast’s drummer and vocalist Marecov Mena described Offering of Chaos, Lamenting in the Blood of Man as “pummeling blackened death metal” that “paint[s] a picture of our view of reality and the unexplored truth that exists within all of us.” In other words, it’s nasty as hell, blending old-school death metal with primitive black metal. The prerelease single “Valley of Defilement” only showcased the former to reveal how firm their grip on death metal is.

–Colin Dempsey

HellbutcherHellbutcher | Metal Blade Records | Black Metal + Thrash Metal | Sweden

Comprised of members from groups like Bloodbath and Aeternus, Hellbutcher channels the spirit of their country’s finest first-wave black metal band, Bathory. The self-titled debut is focused, dark, and punkish.

–Colin Dempsey

Beaten to DeathSunrise Over Rigor Mortis | Mas-Kina Recordings | Grindcore | Norway (Oslo)

Beaten to Death’s strange streak plods onwards on Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis as their grindcore remains as tight and unpredictable as ever. It’s delivered with a sardonic attitude that complements the zany music.

–Colin Dempsey

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