Mammoth Caravan Summon Warlike Doom-Sludge with the “Tusks of Orion” (Video Premiere)

Published: July 09, 2024

Little Rock, Arkansas doom trio Mammoth Caravan are set to release their second full-length album Frostbitten Galaxy with some shake-ups to their lineup and an overall increase in heaviness from their previous works. The sludge factor is a massive piece of what makes the band work, with heavy underlying grooves that demand heads be banged (often). To help rain their riff forward approach upon the masses, the band has recorded a music video for “Tusks of Orion,” a song that balances out the heaviness from both the New Orleans scene of the ‘90s and the Savannah scene of the early ‘00s for a perfect marriage of styles that both schools of thought can enjoy. 

Says vocalist/Bassist Brandon Ringo about the track:

“Tusks of Orion” is meant, in the grand scheme of the album’s story, to serve as a war anthem from a bloodthirsty mammoth king hell bent on conquering all life in the galaxy. Musically the song was inspired by bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, Zao, and Mastodon and we think that it perfectly encapsulates what we are going for with the new album in terms of intensity, and its violent story.

Former drummer and now guitarist Robert Warner adds:

When writing Tusks of Orion, we knew from the first time we practiced it together that this not only will be our first single but the ideal candidate for a music video showcasing our new lineup. Working with Andrew Bacon on this video was a no brainer. Even though he has a lot of experience making music videos, he has never dabbled into the heavy metal world. To see our world through the lens of someone who is not a metal fan made this experience more original and organic.

The end result is the perfect microcosm of the furious and titanic sonic weight being lifted by the band throughout Frostbitten Galaxy’s 6 tracks, making “Tusks of Orion” the perfect primer for first timers. 

Frostbitten Galaxy releases this October via Blade Setter Records – check out their site for merch pre-orders, including a machete(?!), and physical editions.

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