Locrian’s “Chronoscapes” Views a Horrific Future (Video Debut)

Published: February 05, 2024

Locrian are a many-tendriled beast. The formerly Chicago-based trio, having released a myriad of albums ranging from abstract guitar noise to krautrock-and-drone-informed metal, are poised to release their first “song-based” album since 2015’s Infinite Dissolution (compared to 2022’s New Catastrophism–an improvisation-guided, full-band drone and noise album). End Terrain is a high-concept, intense album, telling a very personal story of a dystopian future told through the eyes of a parent. 

Pairing their immense musicianship–some of vocalist/synthesist Terence Hannum’s, guitarist André Foisy’s, and drummer/electronics performer Steven Hess’ most ambitious performances to date–with a book of art, stories, and even a bibliography (of invented future texts, very cool), End Terrain takes from each Locrian era. With influences dating back to Hannum and Foisy’s days as a duo (over fifteen years ago now, wow) and through their vast discography as a trio with Hess, End Terrain is a cumulation of ideas, sounds, and a decade-plus of camaraderie as now-displaced experimental musicians. The explosive album opener, “Chronoscapes,” leads End Terrain on an intense footing, with large riffs and expansive soundscapes carefully pieced together to craft something larger than life. When paired with an intense video, which can be viewed below, we join the Seer as they remotely view a horrific future of humanoid creatures destroying, well, everything.

Watch “Chronoscapes” below.

End Terrain releases April 5th via Profound Lore Records.

Rock / Metal / Alternative
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