Lies! Decry the Deadly Impact of “Propaganda” (Video Premiere)

Published: November 16, 2023

Lies!, a metallic hardcore band out of the Netherlands, bring furious riffs and metallic mayhem with their attack acting as a powerful amalgamation of those genres. The key word there is “furious” – their new 9-song album Mind Pollution totals around 15 minutes. The song that we are premiering today, “Propaganda,” is no exception in its brevity. Featuring Hugo Zerrad of Worst Doubt, the video showcases various acts of violence against a yellow and orange background, essentially watching the carnage through a thinly veiled blaze. 

The band issued a statement on the track:

We’re thrilled to have Worst Doubt’s singer Hugo Zerrad on our latest single, ‘Propaganda.’ Our admiration for Worst Doubt’s music dates back quite a while since their debut. They combine Kickback with everything we like in metallic hardcore and metal. Hugo is a phenomenal creative artist. He also crafted the artwork for our album. So, this collaboration is a fusion of two artistic forces. 

The video for the song is a creation of Dark/Half Agency, Alfie, and our singer Rene. It reflects the turmoil described in the lyrics of the song — constantly inciting people, creating division, and addressing abuse of power. The world is in chaos, and this is particularly relevant. The song is short, powerful, and a tornado of aggression. An ideal anthem for moshing and headbanging, the song definitely sets the tone for the entire album, which leans towards heavy hardcore with a lot of metal influences.

If this kind of chaos suits you, then go ahead and grab a copy of Mind Pollution, which releases December 8th – pre-order it through their Bandcamp

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