SONG PREMIERE: The Yugos Inspired By ‘Freak and Geeks’ On Post-Punk Anthem “Andopolis”

Published: March 03, 2017

Using 70s punk and New Wave as a springboard to launch into their own unique creative process, Cincinnati quartet The Yugos have been making waves in their hometown since 2011. The group even garnered a Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Indie Artist of 2015, reflecting both their ability to write frenzied, hook-laden songs and to perform them with gusto. On March 10th The Yugos will release their third album Weighing the Heart on Old Flame Records. The album captures some of their sharpest songwriting while deftly weaving the stuttering time signatures of early XTC and Talking Heads into the dark pop ruminations of The Cure and Psychedelic Furs. Fun stuff indeed.

Today Glide Magazine is excited to premiere the new tune “Andopolis”. In writing the song, the band found inspiration from an odd source, Judd Apatow’s cult TV series Freaks and Geeks. While this may seem a bit out there, that inspiration translated to more general themes about growing up that fit the band’s punchy post-punk sound. “Andopolis” features a guitar hook and chorus that linger in your head long after listening and definitely make it clear that The Yugos put on an energetic live show.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, the band has this to say:

“The title of the song comes from Nick Andopolis of ‘Freaks and Geeks’ – one of our favorite television shows. This is the second time we’ve used a ‘Freaks and Geeks’ character name for one of our songs. I feel like this will continue to be a tradition as long as we’re putting out albums. We’d like to think this song channels Nick Andopolis’ teenage angst and frustration with growing up. ‘I am so scared’ is a vocalization of how we feel about growing up. It’s okay to be scared and it’s okay to own your fears. We’re known in Cincinnati to have a lot of energy and stage presence during live performances. This recording especially captures our live performance energy. ‘Andopolis’ was written one day during practice which makes it the most collaborative song. We usually have a few parts already written before getting together. We are super proud of how this song turned out and are very happy to share it with the world.”


The Yugos release Weighing the Heart March 10th on Old Flame Records. For more music and info visit them on Facebook

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