“Would My Friends Stay For 5 Hours?” And Other Thoughts From Chris Cornell’s Tribute Show.

Published: January 17, 2019

You can watch Chris Cornell’s tribute show in it’s entirety at the bottom of the page.

To think this extroardinarily talented man was so beloved, his tribute show lasted FIVE hours. Who else is loved that much?? Maybe Princess Diana? Update: coincidentally, the first video I saw of her service was 5hrs and 39min…it was probably longer but still. The point is, THAT is mother-loving LOVE. That is when you know you are worshipped.

Cornell’s tribute included a 42 song setlist (Thx Loudersound for posting it) with  everyone you’d expect, Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, Tom Morello, Perry Ferrell, etc. and some you might not like Miley Cyrus and Rita Wilson. Yep that Rita Wilson.

Btw, anyone who questions people who “deserved to be there” or didn’t? Probably wasn’t there and you know Rita Wilson sure as sh*t isn’t gonna show up at their tribute show. Are you going to be bent if Miley shows up at yours?

It just makes you think of your own mortality and you can’t help but wonder…

Will our friends stay for a five hour tribute show?

It’d be great if they did but I get it if they can’t.  2hrs seems reasonable.

Maybe 5 hours is too long? How long should it be?

Oh. One more thing about Miley… if she DID show up at mine she wouldn’t have to stay the whole time. Geez. I’d be pleased as punch if she stayed for 30min. That’s probably 10min longer than some of my family members…and hey, that’s okay too. I definitely don’t want anyone there out of guilt/obligation. Defeats the purpose.

Realistically, we might not even get a tribute show. 

Yeah but then again, do we really need The Forum? Some would say Farmer Foley’s tribute show was equally as great.



Source: Alternative Nation

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