New Mexican Disaster Squad

Orlando, FLORIDA, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Hardcore
Jade Tree Records
Since forming NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD in their home sweet hellhole of Orlando, FL in 1999, Sam Johnson (vocals, guitar), Brian Etherington (guitar), Alex Goldfarb (bass) and Richard Minino (drums) have spent the better part of the last nine years perfecting their volatile yet tightly wound concoction of lightning fast 80s hardcore guitar riffs and abrasively captivating vocals. While the band was originally started as a form of escapism from the members’ tourist-filled surroundings and pizza delivery jobs, their passion for the music they were creating soon exceeded their initial expectations. By no means does this mean that they’ve just been hiding out in a garage waiting for their time to come. The Orlando punk scene (or lack thereof) forced the band to adopt a zero tolerance policy on punk rock poseurdom very early on. Even though the local kids seemed to be able to get themselves down to the mall to buy all the right “punk rock” gear, they couldn’t figure out how to get out to the shows. So NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD fled the giant mouse-ear-shaped shadow they’d been living in and made their name by being a practically non-stop touring machine. Not only have they shredded just about every inch of the United States annually, but they’ve also left a trail of dropped jaws in over eleven countries. The hypocrisy of their hometown scene has also forced the members of the band to have an acute aversion to bullshit and the music they now create is no different. Their sound harkens back to the glory days of American hardcore with equal influences from the east and west coasts. With three full lengths under their belt, numerous EPs and several compilation appearances, NMDS have far outreached any of their own expectations. Their latest records "Don't Believe" on Jadetree and the "Peace With Nothing" EP on Jadetree/Rat Patrol/Kiss of Death show how NMDS have managed to fine tune their angst filled songs to be simultaneously catchy, aggressive and unpredictable.

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