Neung Phak

OAKLAND, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Pop / Psychedelic / Folk
Neung Phak (pronounced: NOONG PAHK) is the alter ego

of the long-time Bay Area group Mono Pause, who in this

incarnation, play a wide range of South East Asian music

inspired by cassette tapes, LPs and radio broadcasts received

on their travels. Since 2001, Neung Phak have performed

and recorded inspired renditions of Thai and Laotian "Isan"

country Molam, infectious Thai rock and pop, Vietnamese and

Cambodian songs of years past and even North Korean political

anthems. Armed with traditional and electric instruments and

sometimes featuring singer Diana Hayes along with special guests, Neung

Phak delivers a concoction of international sounds that trade the

gloss and sheen of so-called World Music for the energy and

unpredictability you might actually find if you were somewhere else!

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PUSSER'S PIHN is an offshoot of the Neung Phak project

that focuses on the Thai-Molam-psych-angle featuring members

of Neung Phak and special guests.and as always, the swirling pihn

playing of Brently Pusser



Neung Phak's full-length self-titled CD and their 7" single "Fucking USA"

are available from Abduction records
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