Natalie Storm

Kingston, Ja
Artist / Band / Musician
Reggae / Electro / Club
Swatch International/ Prodigal Entertainment
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BioI have always loved music. I was and still am the original shower singer. I grew up listening to everything imaginable: Percy Sledge, Skeeter Davis, Smokey, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Aerosmith, all sorts of dance music and of course, crazy reggae and dancehall. I never really thought I would sing professionally til the 9th grade when I joined the school choir and realized that music really made me happy.
I met a producer in my last year of school who took me under his wing and really showed me how music was produced. His idea was for an all girl R&B Dancehall group because that had never really come out of Jamaica before. I eventually left the group because I really wanted to do music that reflected my personal tastes and style.
Now I am working with Swatch International. They play a major role in the now world renowned "Passa Passa" event. My music is a fusion of their garrison vibe and my eclectic style. I guess it's really a "Passa Passa Sound". "Passa Passa" is Jamaican patois for mix-up or blend. Bear mix up!! I am trying to push all the boundaries of reggae music and I'm working with producers from all over the world who don't limit themselves to one particular musical style. Check out the songs on the space and be sure to tell me which ones you feeling. Spread the word.there's a Storm coming.
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