Narcotic Syntax

Lotus Land, FM
Artist / Band / Musician
Emotronic / Club / Funk
Perlon, WIR (We in Rhythm)
Founded in 1996 by James Dean Brown, Narcotic Syntax were re-boosted seven years later:


Since 2003 DJ/producer James Dean Brown and musician/producer yapacc represent the steady, diligent and meticulous production team for the future. Both protagonists enjoyed a perilous musical socialization. They have gathered incredible musical experience by excessively surfing the waves of intelligent absurdity and complex elementariness through the jungle of countless hazardous music genres. Their common driving power is love and passion for the essence of music as primary carrier for emotions. Their output is always aiming at the attainment of the emotional maximum.

What could be more exciting than merging sophisticated electronics and acoustics with sonority and venture into exhilarated Club Funk on an incalculable level to raise the bar to spiralling heights? Each of the nutritious tracks JDB and yapacc have been published to date reveals a musical narcoverse out of which other artists not rarely would create a whole album. The dazzling array of notes equals the colossal sum of permanent energy.

The beat gained momentum here.


The romantic view of our relevant narcommuniqué will shed some light on our motivation. Actually Narcotic Syntax can be perceived as a freewheeling "band project". So, in case there's a need for incorporating essential skills, sounds or instruments, JDB and yapacc increasingly invite international artists of most different musical backgrounds to join the recordings.


Since late in 2003 Narcotic Syntax are propelling the realisation of an exciting, sensuous concept of blending song and club formats in cooperation with Robert Conroy from New York City, known as chanteuse for the trans-Atlantic 21st century sonic glamour duo Misty Roses. His versatile, incredibly clear, yet powerful voice (which oscillates between the timbres of Scott Walker, Gary Numan, David Sylvian and an adolescent David Bowie) brings back the human factor to the mahogany dance floor.

Actually Robert is the third band member; a common album is constantly in the pipeline. Together they keep establishing and realizing a fine blend of syncopated rhythms, seductive melodies, dope sounds, intriguing resolution and love's dumb mechanics. In doing so, they retain promoting their propulsive groove development within the framework of compositional modes, and the eternal propagation of splendid harmony.

Finally Berlin-based guitarist Achim Treu has become the fourth official band member in October 2007. He earned his first Gema dividendes with his project Dauerfisch, plays and played with illustrious acts like Fluffy Target (w/Richard Cameron), 80es Neo-Dada pioneers Der Plan, and Mutter, and moreover has been collaborating with the American synthesizer pioneer Jon Appleton since 2003.


Narcotic Syntax' releases include 12"EPs on one of the acclaimed German club labels, Perlon Records from Berlin, and on WIR (We in Rhythm), a spin-off from the Cologne-based Treibstoff label. Currently they are working on a new 12"EP/album of pyroclastic flow, including the song Last Outburst of Beauty, blending the club format with 70es psychedelic crowdRock space jam vibes.

Sir Breiss (rmx of "Edo Breiss" by Italoboyz) (listen)

(Mothership MSHIP030), March 2010

Provocative Percussion 2x12"EP (listen)

(Wir im Rhythmus WIR 005), October 2006

Raptors' Delight

Perlon Allstars - Superloooongevity comp (Perlon Perl56), May 2006

Reptile Sweat Accelerator EP (listen)

(Perlon Perl45), February 2005

Calculated Extravagant Licentiousness EP (listen)

(Perlon Perl39), May 2004

Pingpong Voodoo (d/l)

Superlongevity 3 comp (Perlon Perl36), November 2003

Muff Diver

Superlongevity 2 comp (Perlon Perl23), 2001


Superlongevity comp (Perlon 10), Superlongevity 2 comp (Perlon23CD), 1999/2001

Ultravolta / Megadieselizer EP

(Perlon 04), 1998

Excerpt from Mastodon Dinozord (Nothing But rmx) (d/l)

Pile - Modern CD+CD comp (Sony Music/Epic EPC 486712 2/), 1996


Since early in 2004 Narcotic Syntax performances primarily presented linked live and vinyl sets: yapacc is a stunning, most energetic solo stage performer who is capable of setting souls aflame to keep the pheromone-soaked floors burning. While JDB's skillful DJ manoeuvres ignite a combustible brew of highly effective dance propellants, rousing a swarming mass of fidgety grooves with an insidiously pounding punch in the gut.

Since December 2009 Narcotic Syntax appear as a live trio on stage, featuring:

yapacc: master gear

James Dean Brown: 808+fx

Achim Treu: guitar+fx

The trio euphorizes their audience with an "unstoppable forward momentum" while wallowing themselves in thermonuclear sweat. Some people out there are so carried away by their music they proclaim to get into a "pyroclastic flow out of a white rabbit's dream floating eight miles high on electric liquid".

JDB, yapacc and Treu played many popular clubs and events in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA.

Always remember: never repeat.
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