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Blasting out of the gate like a greyhound with its ass on fire is The
boogie-woogie, honky-tonkin swagger-rawk-cum-flash metal suicide of
Nagg.easily my new favorite band.
.a wonderful raucous blend of punk & 70's glam calling to mind bands like Suzi
Quatro, the Runaways, and AC/DC!
Nagg always manages to turn their live shows into a raw, sweaty,
beer-splattered, tune-drenched ROCK'N'ROLL party.
Bay Area quintet Nagg doesn't do anything fancy on its debut album no
guest stars or fancy producers, no complex song cycles. Instead, the band
just gets on with the serious business of ass-kicking rock & roll nuggets
like "Gimme Somethin'," "Another Day" and "So Many Times."
Just plain good, raw rock and fuckin'roll, man. That's it.
-KZSU Stanford
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April 10th - NAGG with Blue Oyster Cult at Slim's in SF.

Fri. July 8th - NAGG with the mighty ZOLAR X! (L.A.'s first glam band - playin' again after more than 30 years!) at the Great American Music Hall in S.F.

Nagg - "Rip this Joint" live at thee Parkside, S.F.
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