Nadsroic "Yokka" (2013 Lo-Vibes) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Aug 06, 2013
Nadsroic "Yokka" (LVCD-016 Lo-Vibes)



feat.Daisuke Tanabe, Yosi Horikawa, Repeat Pattern, jealousguy, Drastik Adhesive Force & KK
All Lyrics by Nadsroic
Artwork by Alice Dufay,

In 2009, the cutting edge collective Luckyme released "Room Mist", an EP which was produced in its entirety by Hudson Mohawke. Its female MC, Nadsroic, held listeners across the world captive with her hushed tones and characteristic chorus-working.

The same year, she moved to Japan, stayed for three years and interacted with the Japanese music scene and a wide variety of producers, while teaching English to children.

Now, in 2013..."yokka", the compilation of carefully chosen songs by selected producers will finally be released!

Her voice dances over the richly varied music of the exceptional producers; Yosi Horikawa, Daisuke Tanabe, Repeat Pattern, jealousguy, Drastik Adhesive Force & KK

Each producer brings something different to the table, woven together by the voice of Nadsroic.

Having returned home to the UK, and working to expectations of further developments from her base in London, this album is a work both tender and profound which, along with holding up the manifold memories of her time in Japan, is also wrapped up in strong feelings for the many people who were lost during the unforgettable earthquake of 2011.
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