Chicago, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Psychedelic / Black Metal / Experimental
Century Media USA / Candlelight EU / Daymare Japan
Few bands today embrace their own individualism to ultimately craft something truly unique and genre defying regardless of its sales potential. Enter the Chicago-based NACHTMYSTIUM who embrace the true spirit of individuality and intolerance forming solely as an outlet to express the dark musical visions and summonings of those involved.
It is that exact DIY attitude and independence that caught the attention of Century Media Records, who quickly signed the band to a deal for the North American territory. The group’s first offering through the label will be the Eulogy IV re-release this fall, which will be followed by an all new full-length disc next year that will also feature acclaimed drummer Tony Laureano (ex-Dimmu Borgir, Nile).
Founding member Blake Judd (vocals, guitars) further comments on the new deal and re-release: “We are very excited and honored to be working with Century Media, a label whom over the years has showcased a ferocious dedication to extreme music. Grave, Tiamat, Samael and countless other bands active in the early 90's were some of the first bands to inspire us endlessly to create our own metal music. We anticipate a great working relationship and hope to embark on a joint ascension to metal superiority together!
Originally formed in 1999 by Judd, NACHTMYSTIUM started off as a raw, primitive black metal band with a very derivative Norsk black metal influence. They released a number of records on underground labels such as Regimental Records and Autopsy Kitchen Records, etc. before delivering Eulogy IV in 2004, ushering in a new musical direction and 'psychedelic'-era.
In 2006, the group released Instinct: Decay, which drew massive amounts of press compared to previous efforts, landing in numerous top-ten lists in such major publications as Metal Maniacs, Unrestrained, etc. The album also scored the 4 slot on Decibel Magazine’s “album-of-the-year” poll.
Throughout the course of the past three years, NACHTMYSTIUM toured heavily with the likes of 1349, Boris, Goatwhore, Sunno))), Angelcorpse and Watain, among countless others. They also co-headlined the Overcast Music and Arts Festival in June of 2006 and most recently performed on the main stage at this year’s renowned New England Metal and Hardcore festival.
NACHTMYSTIUM exists in a genre all of it’s own and in 2008 look to deliver an album that continues to push the boundaries of conventionality to new levels.
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