Los Angeles, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Rap / R&B
Champa Records - Distributed through Kajmere
Kajmere Sound Recordings is proud to present Muzicality and his hot and funky, early 90's, dance floor shaking 12" single "Rock On", featuring Medusa of Feline Science and Raashan of the Crown City Rockers. Although this is n8e's first release to hit a large catalog of stores, it is actually his fifth 12" single. This truly unique artist has been doing his thing on the local LA hip hop scene and representing for his hometown of Pasadena for years now. Muzicality aka N8E has also been making a name for himself with DJ's across the country by blasting radio programmers with vinyl, hitting off regional radio tours as well as performing promotional spot dates.
Muzicality has been working behind the scenes on music with a variety of artists,
both locally and nationally. Muzicality aka n8e and his musical partner Jon B. (Vibezelect
Productions) who produced both "Rock On" and the deeply Soul/R&B styled b-side "Brainstorm", have actually been in the lab together perfecting their "Pasadena Sound" - a unique variation of soulful/jazzy hip-hop - since the two were in high school. n8e is now poised and making the next step in the cycle of hip hop by combining the energy of the early 90's hip hop with the sound of the future.
"Rock On" is a funky, hard-hitting party track that both true hip-hop heads
and new school music fans will equally enjoy. Designed as a tribute to
b-boys and b-girls to "get somebody on the floor / pop lock to this," the
up-beat track and catchy chorus will get the ears of those who don't even
know what an old school jam was all about. Beside the prevalent beat that
makes the track, heads will nod and bodies will move when the base and flute riffs hit eardrums. The lyrical dexterity and energy that n8e , Medusa, and Raashan bring to the track truly makes this a universal head banger.
The B-Side "BrainStorm" is a reflective and personal piece and a bit of a
lyrical masterpiece created by Muzicality. Many long-time n8e fans have said that
even with his discography of well-over 100 songs, this is his best lyrical
work to date. BrainStorm is reflection of Muzicality's journey in music and hip-hop,
where it has brought him and where his future may lay. The Melodic singing
laid on the track by Jon B. gives this joint the magic it needs to transcend into the future.
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