London, London and South East, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Grime / Emo / Japanese Classic Music
Unsigned Songwriter/Producer from London, UK.
"boasting nearly a million Youtube view, and training and development from some of the UK's best producers, songwriters and management, soun'wave has been tipped to be a superstar. Already having conquered the independent world with successes like regular Mainstream radio play (BBC Radio, Kiss FM, Choice) a number one Video on Channel AKA, and several iTunes and other promotional releases from some of the UK's best independent artists and some major distirbuted ones, collaberations and recognition worldwide and even attracting the attention of several Record Labels, Publishers and producers in the US. Having worked for household names and popular acts and being classically, soun'wave is no stranger to making hits. with the wall to the mainstream world cracking at increasing speed, soun'wave is becoming the go to guy for a hit, having worked with and developed by household names. greatness should be expected, and will not be contained."
but who likes to talk in the third person anyway? lol
Yeah, I'm proud of my achievements so far as a young kid in an ever growing world, but to boast about that stuff is not in my nature. I will not be corrupted by the sin of greed, and pride for that matter. I like to feed the world with stories and meaning, in the hope that things will be taught and lessons will be learned. I think the music speaks for itself, so I advise everyone to listen to it. its very versatile, and I hope everyone will find something they like. I hope to be recognised someday. not for money, or for fame, but as proof that talent conquers ego. I work with talent regardless of status, and my spare time consists of surrounding myself with other people destined for stardom, just check my top friends. Changing the world, one step at a time
Message me, I love to talk
Everything on here is written/co-written and produced/co-produced by me
if you want to get in touch my email is
I dunno, its kind of like fusing stargate, ben moody, Harry Gregson-Williams and mike shinoda together, only to find that its nothing like that, and can only be described as soun'waves.
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