Myke Nez

California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
R&B / Hip Hop
Myke Nez Bio

Myke Nez is destined to become one of R & B’s hottest influences of his generation. Born and raised in East LA, he is honored to represent the Latin Community with his astonishing talents. Possessing the innate ability of attention grabbing vocals, he also creatively multitasks as a songwriter and a visual artist. Being one of the few Latin artists to emerge into the world of R & B, he proudly brings his own signature style to the forefront, giving the world a taste of what he would describe as, “Southside Soul.”

Myke’s lyrics are honest, deep, sexy, and grown. His soulful style communicates and assembles his life experiences. His solo debut, “Southside Soul,” is his personal collage of struggle, pain, and love. He shares his evolution of growth from being a teen running the streets of East LA, into a man making the decision to professionally pursue his lifelong passion for music.

Born the son of Mike Jimenez Senior, (lead vocalist of 70’s group “Tierra.”) and the nephew of Lil’ Ray, (of “Lil’ Ray and the Rayettes”) he reminisces waking up to the music of Rhythm and Blues icons such as “Earth Wind and Fire”, “Stevie Wonder”, and “Al Green”. Myke Nez was heavily influenced by his father and the previous generation of vocalists in his family. He had the privilege of growing up in a musically creative environment. Myke recalls being a kid surrounded by many musicians who originated from East LA, such as “El chicano “Tierra”, and etcetera. His memories of their frequent jam sessions, band rehearsals, and partying around the house ring as clear as if it were yesterday.

Steaming up the room, Myke Nez shakes you with the raw energy of “Come With Me.” With beats that knock and lyrics that give it to you straight, Myke sings, “Oh it’s plain to see/ that your man don’t compare to me/ and you’re ready for a real man now.” This track is sexy and lays it all on the table!

Another hit that definitely isn’t shy is, “Does He Know.” Myke’s passionate vocals echo the complex experience of two adults creeping and the mixed up emotions attached to it. “Does He Know” offers undiluted lyrics as Myke sings, “Maybe we should stop what we got/ before it becomes a problem/ It’s one I ain’t solvin’.” This song holds nothing back and is a guaranteed favorite!

Myke Nez gives a very personal shout out to the streets of East LA in, “Ain’t Nobody Fuckin’ Wit’ My City.” This track is simmering with that funky, laid back “Southside Soul!” The kind you can’t help but bob your head to. His pride for his hometown is prevalent with lyrics that sing, “I’m from the city where the D’s keep spinnin’/ 6-4 dippin’/ 4-5 clippin’/ sun shinin’/ the baddest women/ all at East LA.” No matter where you are at, this track will definitely take you home!

“Southside Soul”, his debut album is loaded with songs that will, without a doubt, touch your heart and get the rest of your body moving! With an unquenched thirst for success, Myke Nez is always striving to be at his best, and constantly moving in the course of his musical career. With the release of “Southside Soul”, he invites you to celebrate his best
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