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Kreuzberg 36, DE
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Rock / Ska
We're a european booking agency from Berlin, Germany!! Most of our bands file under Punkrock, Rock'n'Roll and Streetpunk.

Booking European Wide:

Real Mc Kenzies (Can), The Briefs (US), The Cute Lepers (US), Loikaemie (Ger), Zeke (US), Rotten Apples (US), The Bottrops (Ger), The Menzingers (US), Go Jimmy Go (US), The Impalers (US), No Life Lost (D), The Go Set (Aus), Pascal Briggs (D), Rasta Knast (D), The A.K.A.s (US) , The Phenomenauts (US).

Booking Mainland Europe (except UK):

The Unseen (US), The Adicts (UK), Leftöver Crack (US), Star Fucking Hipsters (US), Dirty Fuzz (UK),Sham 69 (UK)

Booking Selected Countries:

Red Lights Flash (A), Los Fastidios (I), Bambix (NL), Heideroosjes (NL), The Bellrays (US), Talco (I), The Valkyrians (Fin), Strawberry Blondes (UK), RedSka (I), The Offenders (I), TV Smith (UK), The Headlines (Swe), The Dreadnoughts (Can), Bomb the Music Industry (US), Cheap Girls (US), Adam Bomb (US), Doll Squad (AUS), .

Rest In Piece ( some Band we booked till they split up):Good Clean Fun (US), Pipedown (US), Puffball (Swe), Satanic Surfers (Swe), One Man Army (US), The Skulls (US), Fabulous Disaster (US), I Defy (D), Adam West (US)

Most of the office don't like MySpace, but as we do everything we can to promote the bands we represent, we even sold our soul and made a myspace profile!!! Please check your bulletins for updates, or subscribe to our blogs! If you want to get in contact, write a normal email!!!

As we get a lot of mails of Bands who want to be booked: Please check out our rooster first and check if you would fit in. Also it makes no sense to book to US bands in Europe, if they don't have proper distribution and promotion here ( but of course if you are close to sign with an international operating Label, you're welcome to email). As we leave the local support aleways up to our promoters, please email the clubs directly if you want to support one of our bands on a certain date.

As we think Myspace is a good place to promote bands and shows we allow html comments, BUT we do delete comments with huge pictures that take forever to load. Keep it simple , keep it small.


The Real McKenzies - May'10

The Cute Lepers - May'10

Star Fucking Hipsters - May'10

The Adicts - May'10

The Dreadnoughts - July '10

Talco - Oct '10

Bomb the Music Industry & Cheap Girls - Nov '10

more tbc soon

please check our Homepage or our Bulletins for the exact dates!!!
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