Mungolian Jet Set

Munke - Timor, Mo
Artist / Band / Musician
Luna Flicks and Jazzland Recordings
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All that stand before them will be changed utterly; all that stand behind them will be consumed voraciously; all that stand beside them will be assimilated indiscriminately; all who hear them will be dancing recklessly. Experience Life. Fly Mungolian.

"When I heard the Mungolian Jet Set, I felt like a psychotic love-banana in a sexy washing machine."
Carl Jung
"Once you fly with the Mungolian Jet Set, your Carbon Footprint will only have three toes"
Former Vice President, Al Gore
"Them Mungolians snort up smoother than my dad"
Keith Richards
"Id rather see the Mungolians than start another war"
George W.Bush Jr.
"I think the next person Im going to adopt is going to be a Mungolian"
Angelina Jolie.
"The Mungolians are the reason I got into modelling in the first place . you know . like a plastic vase"
Pete Doherty
"My driving license was valid in South Mungolia"
Paris Hilton
Fly Mungolian: It Can Be Our Dirty Little Secret. You Bitch!
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