Mumblz / Delusional

cedar grove, New Jersey, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Drum & Bass / Techno / Hardcore
Evol Intent.DarkAsylum.FoulPlay.FSR

Out of the darkness comes Darren Valvano who is known to

most as Mumblz. He is a no-holds-barred Drum n Bass producer with an

impressive resume worthy of the industry's greatest.

Residing in New Jersey, USA and representing Dirty Jersey DnB, Mumblz

has grown to be a much respected and well-known Producer/DJ since the

beginning of his music career at the world famous hotspot Limelight in

New York City. Mumblz has over eight dedicated years behind turn

tables where he performed at numerous large-scale events in the

Tri-State area and Canada, while covering all areas inbetween. Later,

he would take a break from performances to set his goals on his true

love in the studio producing Drum n Bass.

After about 4 years behind the gear, Mumblz has added a handful of

tunes to his credit while creating quite a stir in both the U.S. and

the UK. 2005 and 2006 have brought several great things to Mumblz with

current releases on Evol Intent Recordings, Outbreak, & Technorganic. He also has releases lined up for 2006 on

Cymbalism Recordings, OG Recordings, Foulplay Records, Flatline Audio,

Downbeat Recordings, Guerilla Recordings, AT Recordings, LA Abstract Records, and

Relentless Audio.

Much appreciated DJ support shown by Dieselboy, Evol Intent, Counterstrike,

Unknown Error, The Panacea, Gein, RAW, SPL, Hidden & Eye-D, L Double & Mary Anne Hobbs, has contributed to the success of Mumblz and has

assisted in spreading his brain-cracking sound across the globe.

Mumblz continues to bring on the tunes that crack your spine, and

there's no sign of him stopping now. Stay tuned for future releases by

Mumblz, Devils Rejects, Equilibrium (Mumblz &

Basis), & also collaberations with partners Empire X, Fixation, & other

well-known producers. Keep your eyes peeled for future performances as

Mumblz retakes the stage after four years.

More Mumblz tunes can be heard at:





1. Devils Rejects- Satantic Ritual

2. Coresplittaz - Ghost of Myself

3. C9H13NO3 - Hunted Forest

Order In Kaos MP3's


A. Mumblz + Sighnature - Dance You Fuckers VIP

AA. C.A.2k. - Give Me More

Foul Play Records 12"


A. Infiltrata + Demo - Can't Reach

AA. Mumblz + Fixation - Hatred Among Us

Cymbalism 12"


A. Counterstrike + Mumblz - Sickness & Suffering

AA. Mumblz, Empire X, + Cenobites - Undergrounds Our Style

Future Sickness 12"


A. Mumblz + Dave Akuma - True Nature of Pain

AA. Dave Akuma - Kusunagi

AT Recordings 12"


AA. Mumblz + Dave Akuma - Testing Reality

A. Counterstrike - White Light

Evol Intent 12"

Mumblz - Facing Death (Relentless Audio)

MP3 Now Available at Beatport

Equilibrium (Mumblz + Basis) - Cold Blooded (OG Recordings)


Mumblz + Tek Infektion - Inside Your Mind (Outbreak)

Mumblz + Basis - Panic Room (Outbreak)

Outbreak 12"


Audio - The Wager

Enduser - Apocolypse

Desecration - Godless

Mumblz + Basis - Homicide

Mumblz - Dirty Chores (Technorganic Records) *MP3 Release*

Mumblz - Blow (Technorganic Records) *MP3 Release*


Mumblz + Gancher - Braincracklin (Prspct Recs.)

Mumblz + Switch Technique - Guardian (Prspct Recs.)NonStopKroos feat. Gortex + Cojaxx + Prolific - Street Level (Mumblz & Switch Technique Rmx) (Foulplay Recs.)

Mumblz + C.A.2k - Empty Spaces (Dark Asylum Recs.)

Mumblz + G-Netic - Dying Soul (Dark Asylum Recs.)

Mumblz + C.A.2k - Ready to Die(Dark Asylum Recs.)

Mumblz + Switch Technique - Killer Headache (Dark Asylum Recs.)

Mumblz + Switch Technique - Gunz (Dark Asylum Recs.)

Mumblz + Sighnature - Dance You Fuckers (Foulplay Records)

Counterstrike + Mumblz - Sickness & Suffering (Future Sickness Recs.)

Mumblz + Empire X + Cenobites- Code of the Streets (Cenobites Recs.)

Mumblz + Empire X + Cenobites - Undergrounds Our Style (Future Sickness Recs.)

Devils Rejects - Satanic Ritual (Order In Kaos Recs.)

Mumblz + Dave Akuma - Testing Reality (Evol Intent Recordings)

Mumblz + Fixation - Hatred Among Us (Cymbalism Recordings)

Equilibrium (Mumblz & Basis) - Cold Blooded (OG Recordings)

Arsenic - Terrorform (Equilibrium Remix) (Order In Kaos Recs.)

Mumblz - Facing Death (Relentless Audio)

Mumblz - Dark Side of Hell (Dark Asylum Recs.)

Mumblz - Ether (Devil Ether VIP) (Flatline Audio)

Mumblz + Dave Akuma - True Nature of Pain (AT Records)

Mumblz + Empire X - The Asylum (Foulplay Records)

Mumblz - Anxiety Attack (Foulplay Records)

Basis + Mumblz - Homicide (Outbreak Records)

Basis + Mumblz - Panic Room (Outbreak Records)

Mumblz + Tek Infektion - Inside Your Mind (Outbreak Records)

Mumblz - Dirty Chores (Technorganic Records)

Mumblz - Blow (Technorganic Records)

Mumblz + Matt6 - The Dark Inside Me (LA Abstract Records)


Paperclip - Refraction (Mumblz & Fixation Remix) (Mass Destruction Recs.)


Mumblz + Switch Technique - Promise to Kill

Axis + Trank vs. Mumblz + C-Netik - Suspect Zero

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Technorganic Recordings

Chemical Records

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