Mucca Pazza | NPR MUSIC FRONT ROW - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 10, 2013
The circus came to GlobalFEST in the form of Chicago's Mucca Pazza, a group of 30 clowns who could barely be contained in the cavernous ballroom at New York City's Webster Hall. Wearing mismatched, thrift-shop marching-band getups and sporting a full range of brass, drums, violin, accordion and electric guitar — plus a gaggle of nerdy cheerleaders ("I Heart A Scientist," proclaimed one's T-shirt) — Mucca Pazza wreaks visual havoc onstage. But here's the surprise: It also puts on an incredibly tight performance, with music that's an irresistible blend of punk DIY aesthetics, a Balkan brass lilt and the irrepressible energy of good old-fashioned American high-school marching bands. -- ANASTASIA TSIOULCAS

SET LIST "Surf" "Boss Taurus" "Sexy Bull" "Touch The Police" "Cheer: You Have The Right" "Rabbits And Trees" "J'Accuse" "Modutrongulous" "Borino Oro" "St. Fresca's Regret" "Cheer: Verbs" "Tube Sock Tango" "Alarm" "Habibi" "Nod To Magoo"

Producers: Mito Habe-Evans, Anastasia Tsioulcas
Videographers: Christopher Parks, A.J. Wilhelm
Audio Engineer: Kevin Wait
Video Editor/Assistant Producer: Denise DeBelius
Special Thanks to: Webster Hall, globalFEST 2013
Executive Producers: Anya Grundmann, Keith Jenkins.
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