The Movements

Göteborg, Västra Götalands län, Sv
Artist / Band / Musician
Garage / Psychedelic / Rock
Alleycat RecordsLonestar Records
The Movements was formed during the early years of the new millenium by bassplayer Dolly Pettersson in the rough environment of the old harbor town Gothenburg. He intended to form a band who could brake free from genre trends but still keeping it true to the original feeling of yesterdays rock n'roll. In 2002 Dolly was wrongfully sentenced to five years in prison. The band decided to temporarily replace him on bass with Daniel "Jokkmokk" Eriksson, and with this young sami from northern Sweden, they recorded and released their famous first EP "Drag me up" on Lonestar records in 2004.
They started to frequently tour around Europe and have since then survived everything from cancer, carcrashes, the taxman, and the strains of endless hard touring. Their first two albums (produced by Björn Olsson and released on Alleycat records) contain an energetic and innovative mixture off styles. With 60s garage rock in the foundation they put in elements from krautrock, psychadelia, punkrock and what ever comes to their mind. They have a big love for catchy choruses and shattering hooks but also for loosing it completely in spacy jams. It's important for them to claim their creative freedom by underline that they are not puritans of anything and that their music can take off in any direction they feel like. They have often been called for the most interesting and fresh rockgroup around these days.
While in the process of recording their third full length album the original bassplayer Dolly was released from prison and rejoined the group. The album they where working with was a theme record about the life of Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang. The record made them quite famous in Sweden since the astronaut loved it and brought it with him up to space when space shuttle ISS took off in august 2009. They then became historic as being the first spacerock band ever to actually have been played in space!
When the band is not on tour, witch is their favorite part of playing in a band, they hang out around the neighborhoods of where their recording studio is located. It is built inside an old parking house down at the fishing harbor of Gothenburg. They built the studio inspired of the German band Can to be able to record more frequently and to experiment more. Right now they are working on some recordings for upcoming single releases, a new album, and off course, planning new tours.
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