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Hip Hop / Soul / Jazz
Occidental Publishing
oc·ci·den·tal : 1) denoting or characteristic of countries of Europe and the western hemisphere; "occidental civilization"; "Hesperian culture" 2) an artificial language that is deliberately created for a specific purpose

we are movement occidental. we are dispersed across the globe. we are of different backgrounds and of different cultures. some of us go way back. some of us met only recently. and some of us have actually never met in person. yet we are all united by our love for music. and by our shared understanding of the world we live in. the music presented on this page is a vibrant blend of the different styles (from hip hop to soul and reggae) contributed by the individual artists. the featured tracks will be updated regularly. for more info on a specific artist, or to check out his/her further work, see the friend's space below. for further info, drop us a message. thank you and peace!!!

you can buy the album 'Movin' Minds Vol.1' on or if you're in the Heidelberg area stop by 'The Flame' or 'Vinyl Only' and support us for a mere €9,99

or just click on the logo beneath to buy 'Movin' Minds Vol.1'

keep keepin on!
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