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“Morning Recordings are the sort of richly-rendered pop act that comes along so very rarely…As hushed as the record is, in many places, its necessary pop spine is never left to one side while musicians set about crafting an alluring atmosphere of intimacy. Luscious but very much hook’ed up in all the right places, The Welcome Kinetic feels better than neatly balanced. Fans of Beach House and The Books, and even Ennio Morricone, would do well to pick this up if they spy it unloved in their local emporium for such media.” - DROWNED IN SOUND | Best Overlooked LPs of 2007

"The Welcome Kinetic is distinguished by lush vocal harmonies, swooning melodies, a rich instrumental palette, and an odd predilection for 3/4 time.Arriving completely out of left field, the Chicago outfit's lilting sound comes as a wonderful and wholly refreshing surprise." - TEXTURA | Top 50 Albums 2007

"We simply don't get albums like this often enough; detailed, well written and with the deftness and classic quality of any of your favourite undiscovered gems of recent times. Crate diggers, avant pop lovers and Chicago fetishists alike should grab this record and hold it close, it's one of the finest albums you'll hear this year." - BOOMKAT | Top Albums 2007

"There’s an excellent blend of well recorded instruments and super lo-fi loops, where the sounds are slowed down and tape hiss and distortion make up as much of the timbre as the actual instruments.The Welcome Kinetic is an album which is at turns quietly charming and at others disorientingly imaginative." - CYCLIC DEFROST

“Sounding like a long lost 45 b-side from an early 70 soul-jazz group influenced heavily by the Blaxploitation soundtracks and taking an interest in the burgeoning fusion scene, it all of sudden makes sense why this pastoral pop collective lists David Axelrod, Ennio Morricone, Mulatu Astatke, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sven Libaek, King Tubby and even Madlib as their influences…The singer/songwriter meets lush post-rock foundation is built off of with a knowledgeable list of intriguing influences from across the genre spectrum.” - AUDIVERSITY

"The second project from the Chicago collective Morning Recordings will blow the minds of listeners with even the most skilled ears. Effortlessly beautiful, delicately graceful, rich and full at one moment, ambient and cinematic at the next, the album is a wonderful exploration of genres, combinations and textures.Morning Recordings have delivered an album that is a feast for the ears but never feels overwhelming, pretentious or weighty." - POP MATTERS

"Morning Recordings' "The Welcome Kinetic" is a fascinating journey. Pramod Tummala leads an eclectic ensemble through an even more eclectic collection of dub, electronica, synth-waltz, and mystical swirl music." - BERKELEY PLACE

"The music floats between droney sound collages, breezy pop, and metropolitan space grooves and sometimes is even reminiscent of some early seventies movie soundtrack." - PARASITES & SYCOPHANTS
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