5 Mormon Beliefs That Are Seriously Cool - Video
PUBLISHED:  Sep 30, 2016
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People all over the world have debated back and forth about what Mormons really believe. So what draws people to a faith that is often misunderstood, and sometimes peculiar?

Like many other religions, Mormons believe that we are all spiritual children of God and that we can talk to God through prayer. But we don’t believe that this is a one-way conversation, everyone can receive answers to prayers in many different forms. The direct influence of God in our lives is called ‘personal revelation’, and we can rely on this constantly.

Mormons have a completely unpaid ministry in local congregations. Every position in the church, from the bishop to the teachers, is voluntarily filled by members who have other jobs and responsibilities the rest of the week. Missionaries travel to almost every country, for 18 months to two years, and pay out of pocket to serve the communities they are sent to. Mormons around the world actively participate in the community and church services all without compensation. We believe in trying to serve others the way that Jesus did, whether they are members of our faith or not.

As Christians, Mormons believe in the Bible written by prophets called of God to lead His people. But doesn’t God love His children just as much now as He did in the Old and New Testaments?
God has not gone silent. He still provides guidance through His prophets on the earth today. This helps us navigate the unique challenges that society faces now.

Every six months Mormons gather for a meeting, known as General Conference. The words of the Prophet and Apostles are broadcast worldwide and made available to everyone. Check out their words for yourself on lds.org, and see what you think.”

One of the most comforting doctrines of Mormonism is that we don’t believe in a “Hell” of fire and brimstone, or that God “sorts” souls into Heaven or Hell.
We believe there will be a perfect combination of justice and mercy together, not eternal suffering.

We also believe the gospel will be shared beyond the grave, and those who did not get the chance to learn of Christ, or believe in Him, will be given the chance to learn. Work is done in temples across the world, in the hope that those who have passed on will choose to accept Christ. This belief instills comfort that all people may fully enjoy every blessing of our Heavenly Father’s kingdom.

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