The Mormons

Los Angeles, US
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Rock / Punk
We don the image of mormon missionaries symbolizing the dedication, the sacrifice, and the obsession common in most artists. the musician is as fanatical as any religious zealot bent on achieving his or her own individual purpose. while some have chosen to dedicate their lives to christianity, islam, judiism, etc., THIS is the path WE have chosen and it is indeed a "religious" experience in itself. our generic uniforms- helmets, white shirts, ties and backpacks- act as a fashion-neutralizer and a 'fuck-you' to the fashion show that conceals the mediocrity that is most mainstream music today. Our instruments are our bicycles and our mission is simple- to rock out correctly. and if you leave with a feeling of exitement, enjoyment, and feeling alive, then our purpose is validated. We are the band known as- The Mormons.
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The Mormons -"Statement of No Statement"Produced by Wally GagelOut on Nickel & Dime Records
"Statement of no Statement" CD
What an interesting album from a very interesting band, almost worthy of their crazy stage show in which they come out in black ties atop white dress shirts, wearing bike helmets, and carrying nap sacks across their backs. The album is near as eccentric, with an eclectic mix of punk / future wave sounds that come closest to DEVO's "Uncontrollable Urge" phase. Don't let the name fool you, these guys are no Joseph Smith supporters, hell they probably even eat sugar, and why not, when you have real MORMONS like Brandon Flowers stinking up the rock seen while he rips off everyone for JOY DIVISION to the SMITHS, why not have some real rockers blaspheme his religion with tongues in their cheeks. Though a warning to them, and all other false Mormons, Joseph Smith was stoned to death before he ever made it to the Mormon promise land, so there you go. (RPC) - Amp Online

The Mormons Statement of No Statement CD (Nickel And Dime Records)
Youre pretty much sold out in the image department when bands start dressing up as Mormons complete with bike helmet and back pack for a gimmick, which is about as stupid as Running Wild (or Adam Ant, if you must) dressing up in pirate regalia. But all that becomes irrelevant once The Mormons start playing. My initial reference for them within 5 seconds was NoMeansNo, though The Mormons arent as jazzy, and thats a big compliment coming from me. Devo are another obvious reference, but this is more straight-ahead punk rock, angular and intense, with melodies bordering on power pop, but for once I like it. A good, intelligent album, with thumbs up for titles like Mega Alpha Chumps Enjoy the Grand Oblivion, Karaoke Death Machine, or just Prophecy of the Rollerboys. Great! - Lowcut


"Entertainment As A Chore" By Sharpe/Ford

The Mormons EPK (Electronic Press Kit) 2004

The Mormons Mobile Unit

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The Mormons Mobile-Unit gets BANNED at Amoeba

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