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Berlin, Germany, DE
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Electronica / Indie / Pop
Monika Enterprise
True to the motto "quality rules" Monika Enterprise has brought out almost fifty releases since it was founded in 1997 and is the home of such exceptional artists as Barbara Morgenstern, Figurine, Cobra Killer, Chica & the Folder, Contriva, Komëit, Masha Qrella, Michaela Mélian and Robert Lippok. There is not a specific sound, nor a style, we call pop, electronic or indie, which characterizes the label generally. It's a fresh focus on day to day life without denying glamour and fun, which is the unwritten Monika rule. The label's policy puts the artist at the centre of interest, and little by little, a new set of small stars have appeared, now delightfully twinkling from the skies above.

The name Monika was given to the label by its founder Gudrun Gut as a posthumous tribute to her beloved goldfish of the same name, who, driven by its suicidal tendencies, jumped out of her own tank.

In addition to the artist roster, Monika has a fine selection of 7inches and 10inches on its programme featuring new artists and projects like the Burka Band from Afghanistan or the Australian drummer Laurenz Pike. A series of 12inches with uplifting/ danceable remixes is completing the Label's aim to spread its sounds into both livingrooms and clubs.

Monika Enterprise is also the home of the gorgeous 4 Women No Cry series which by annual releases introduces female electronic singers/ songwriters.

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Barbara Morgenstern "BM" CD (monika64)

The Sound of Lucrecia, Manekinekod, Julia Holter, Liz Christine "4 Women No Cry Vol. 3" CD (monika62)

V.A. "Bärchen: Songs for Bruno, Knut & Tom" Anniversary Compilation CD (monika60)

Michaela Melián "Los Angeles" CD (monika59)

Chica and the Folder "Under the Balcony" CD (monika57)

Gudrun Gut "I put a record on" CD/ LP (monika55)

Barbara Morgenstern: Come To Berlin - video

Gudrun Gut: Move Me - video

Milenasong: Lily Wyatt - video made by Maximilian Hohlweg and Marten Rux,

Berlin 2007

GET THE ALBUM: seven sisters CD/LP monika53

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