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soniche eeelettriche e ruvide emozioni in semplici canzoni miSs xoX is a prime mover of various oblique musical projects
like HiTlersS ( 77 seminal punk band together with Tampax ), Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor ( seminal new wave The great complotto, the first Italian indipendent movement of Indie music & youth aggregation ), XX Century Zorro (minimalist experimentation) and El Funeral de Kocis( extreme noise ).
Now miSs xoX presents his new sound project simply by using his name.
a direct and disenchanted sound among nervous, lean sounds and words.
He has been definitely influenced by 77 punk, expecially Wire, and also Jesus & Mary Chain, then by Syd barrett, Robert Fripp but these influences are then lost in all the records he has listened to and . even stolen.
The cover picture of his CD synthetizes the nervous thought of the same miSs xoX: it represents an inscription he found on a wallwritten in the wrong way and then wrongly rewritten once again, but still it remains there, on the wall, with a sparkling and oblique lightning.
His CD is fast, it was born on almost commonplace bases, which however tell us about nervous feelings and moods, anger, rage and love in a very simple way.
XoX's songs become a kind of insane and tortuous snapshots, love and tensions, thoughts and feelings, urban sound tracks, stylized fragments of everydays life.
". Il mio pensiero è di poche parole . è nervoso ."
Once having had the permission to use a translated by the same miSs xoX- version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart", Joy Division, by the same Joy Division Editors, here miSs xoX presents a tribute, the Italian version of the above mentioned song, titled "L'Amore Ti Fregherà Di Nuovo".
In the title track song "Pensiero Nervoso" (". sotto I portici a Bologna caricavo la molla.") there's another tribute dedicated to an episode held in miSs xoX's memory: the violent close of Radio Alice, Bologna, one of the first & otrageous indipendent radio in Italy, in 1977.
The lean thoughts, the words and the sounds of the new miSs xoX project are held in "Pensiero Nervoso", his CD produced under Compact Echo, his independent label.

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