Miracles Of God

Iowa City, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Psychedelic / Folk
Super Amigos Records/Hot Potato Records
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Miracles Of God are old. Old, tired and out of shape. They used to be strange and now they're just fucked. hey play all their old songs and all their new songs that sound like old songs. But they were not old enough to play the old songs when they were new. The Miracles are cool but not too cool for school. They'd rather play for car mechanics than Vulcans. Hell, maybe then they'd have a functional van. They used to be way fucking loud now they're Pep Pep's easy time lounge revue. Miracles write all their own songs. They've only played like 4 covers ever or something. Miracles have had a few lineups but always Samuel Locke Ward, Jason Hennesy and Brian Boelman. They recently added an electric piano player Alex Body. Miracles havea new album coming out in March it is called "What A Wonderful Day". It was recorded by Alex McManus, and it is good.


.from the depths of hell-CD

Sad Times For High Hopes-CD

Miracles Of God II -7"

Miracles Of God/ Ed Gray -split cassette

What A Wonderful Day-CD/LP

"Overall, this is quality music. The band makes good, loud lo-fi rock music. If you like that sort of thing, they are worthy of a listen."

--Evil Sponge

“Hayride To Hell”… yeah. It’s a perfectly structured little pop song, but it’s also… Wrong. The Miracles Of God’s various claims to fame include having been run over by a drunk driver while on tour and playing the site of the world’s biggest urinal."

--Warren Ellis-comic writing legend

"Opener Miracles of God was a '90s punk-scream throwback to Sonic Youth and whatever SST garage band that your friend included on the end of that mixtape you used to play in your Datsun on the way to school that was at first annoying than catchy than annoying again, but, strangely, always the song you looked forward to most. They were energetic. Unfortunately their chutzpah wasn't contagious."


“The Miracles of God play loud, curse a lot, and

occasionally scream, but it’s all in the service of

surprisingly good pop music. They might be

compared to Pavement; but where Pavement is

obtuse, the Miracles of God are direct. Their

lyrics are funny, weird, and bloody minded.”

--Little Village

"Pop duo from Iowa here, riding a very thin and difficult line – there seems to be an honest love of power pop within, but these guys are just … really hard to take. Maybe it's the really tactless lyrics ("Rape City" doesn't particularly encourage, and when you get inside of it, it's worse than you thought), maybe it's the crunchy, clipped, overmodulated digital production and shit-job mastering, or maybe it's the appearance of so many fringes on their songs. These guys can't even sit still without throwing in some "tasty licks" everywhere, and it's pretty embarrassing. A lot of people who are too nice to say anything probably encourage these guys. Stop"

--Dusted Magazine

"Miracles of God did not provide much to look at when it came to the front of the stage"."The raw whining voice of the lead vocalist complemented by the very heavy rock sound quickly excited the crowd. "

--Jordan Hickey/The Columbian

"cool songs"


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