Million Kids

Silverlake, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Alternative / Garage / Post punk
MILLION KIDS brings the fury of the Los Angeles streets to the ears of the masses, in their latest 4 song EP release titled L.A. IS GONNA MAKE YOU BREATHE. Smashing grime influenced garage rock with Stooges style punch, crafting songs from living the Los Angeles hustle, and in fact dedicating the entire EP directly to Los Angeles. This is their third EP effort and are poised for a fourth release later this year.
Billy Caldwell (guitar , vocals) met Kim Masters (bass, vocals) back in the 90's when a band Billy was trying to start, with his then room mate Marc Loveday, was having problems finding a bass player. Billy talked their friend into selling his bass setup to Kim, and after one practice she was in. They released some early demos to KXLU in the mid-ninties under the moniker FRED WISE, which immediately picked up airplay on the DemoListen show. Billy had been playing in a few underground acts, and garnered airplay again with his second project HERCULON. After a short stint, Billy left with Herculon drummer Christian Owen and recruited Kim on bass, and Million Kids was born. The three played 50 shows in the short year they had played out, and was on regular rotation at KXLU. Then in 2002, Billy and Kim took time off to raised their newborn daughter Bridgette Holland. The Kids stayed in Hiatus till 2008, till a friend Billy had played guitar with in a band called Vinyl Jesus said he wanted to start playing drums again (Josh Nichols). Kim had been asking to get on stage again as well. So in March of 2008 @ King Neptunes in OC, MILLION KIDS made their return to the circuit. 200 shows later, they are still going strong, now with latest recruit Matt Irwin on Drums
Recently they made the top ten @ KXLU 88.9 fm Los Angeles with their song “Turn It On”, and picked up an endorsement from Knucklehead Strings and received radio play in Greece, on one of their national radio channels. They have been lucky enough to share the stage with Youth Brigade, Mike Watt & the Secondmen, Decry, Doggystyle, The Stains, De De Troit, Johnny Cheapo, The Faint, Lou Barlow, The Warlocks, Ted Leo Pharmacists, Chokebore, Devics, Camera Obscura, Black Pine, Broadway Calls, The Gears, Rosemary’s Billygoat, Bourbon Saints, Rolling Blackouts, Thee Spectors, Ninja Academy, Drive A, The Health Club, Soccermom, Crash Moderns, Studiofix, Whirling Dervish, D-Strutters, Murderland, Ex-Paladin, SoccerMom, Disguster, Epic Debauchery, Kamikaze, The Bombs, The Beeters, Paging Beto, Stab City, Carnage Asada and many other great local bands.
They have played a ton of the Los Angeles area venues: Spaceland, The Roxy, The Troubadour, The Knitting Factory, Silverlake Lounge, The Derby, Venice Rocks, The Cat Club, Mr. T’s Bowl, The Airliner, American Legion Hall, Koo’s Cafe, The Crest, The Scene, Alex’s Bar, Charlie O’s, Casbah (San Diego), Double Down (Las Vegas), King Neptune’s (OC), Suzy’s Bar & Grill (Hermosa Beach), Fern’s (Long Beach) and many more. They are currently recording their new collection of songs, to be released later this year.
Look out for coming tour dates in support of the LA IS GONNA MAKE YOU BREATHE (EP).
Billy Caldwell - Guitar, Vocals
Kim Masters - Bass, Vocals
Matt Irwin - Drums, Vocals
CHristian Owen - drums - 2000-2002' (Million Kids went on Hiatus for 6 years)
Josh Nichols - drums - 2008-2009
Producers we have worked with:
Paul Roessler
Josh Casper
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