Africa meets New Orleans - Marc Stone Band + Rockin' Dopsie Jr., Segunon Kone, Kirk Joseph - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 06, 2011
big-ass jam on Seguenon's "Fanta Dialo". from the CD release Party for Marc Stone's "Trickeration & Rascality" on Threadhead Records.
Seguenon Kone - Balaphone, Rockin' Dopsie Jr - washboard, Kirk Joseph - sousaphone, Big Al Carson - vocals, Sean C - vocals and rap, Black Soul - rap, Jason Mingledorf - sax, Antonio Gambrell - trumpet, Michael Burkart - keys, Mike Barras - Drums, Patrick Williams - washboard/vocals, Marc Stone - guitar
live at d.b.a. New Orleans 11/21/10
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