meth teeth

Portland, Oregon, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Minimalist / Folk / Punk
Sweet Rot,NITCO,Sacred Bones,Seeing Eye
Meth Teeth is now dead. Thank you for everything. We dont check this page too often but if you need to get ahold of any of the member e-mail:
"Meth Teeth reside in Portland OR. and in some ways embody the rainy day big country vibe of the city with its youth culture dreamers, old druggies, and rustic history. There is something that is really hard to pin down about Meth Teeth, the songs rely on simple ramshackle rhythms, upbeat shinny guitar interplay, and big fat chord churners, and alot of tambourine banging away on the snare drum. Ultra catchy summertime rockers keep you sad and lonely, and upbeat and hopeful all at once."---Shawn Reed/Night People

-Full length LP/CD on WOODSIST// (ORDER HERE)

"Indian Spirits Tour Tape" Re-release on NIGHT PEOPLE//ORDER HERE


Upcomming Releases:
Split Double 7'' with CHRISTMAS ISLAND on SACRED BONES RECORDS (late summer?)


I Meth Teeth sono una folk-garage-band in piena regola, ammesso ve ne possa essere una. Il riferimento più vicino è quello dei Sic Alps, anche se questa combriccola di Portland spinge ancor di più l’acceleratore sulle melodie e su jingle jangle derelitti, piuttosto che sull’impatto da garage lo-fi band, pur avendone le caratteristiche.
Quelle dei Meth Teeth sono canzoni sghembe già in partenza, e suonate in modo ancor più approssimativo. Il canto nasale di Mattey Hunter affonda nel dilettantismo più bieco, come una sorta di Jonathan Richman irritato a cui è stato rubato il lecca lecca. Un solo disco all’attivo per loro, “Untitled”, uscito quest’anno su Sweet Rot Records.



Meth Teeth "Bus Rides" 7"

"First release from this oddball band that now counts Kyle from Leper Print/Artificial Limbs as a member (although they sound nothing like the synth-damage of those records). Dreamy folk-like rock, four songs worth, fairly low-fi with some electric/acoustic interplay, ramshackle rhythm section. Very ethereal, hazy kind of hippie-ish vibing, heavy touches of psych involved as well. Really natural sounding, I'm sure that means nothing to you, but I mean it has a outdoors-country sort of thing going on, a real homespun quality.I don't want to say jug-band-like, but it definitely has an eerily lit sitting-around-the-campfire feel and/or laying in the hot grass while the sun warms your face and pushes you toward daydream moments.perhaps a stream nearby, flowing quiet and lazy as it erodes the stone, the faintest hum of the gears moving inside the earth.but not as earth-mother corny as I just made it sound. They flirt with moments of darkness on "Bus Rides", "Unemployment Forever" is strengthened by a majestic guitar sound and the two B-Side cuts meander in a more bucolic and melancholic way. There isn't really another band sounding like this right now (perhaps the Sic Alps or Ohsees gentler moments), it's fresh and vibrant and a bit weird in the delivery which keeps your interest piqued. Definitley worth hearing. Probably the most tambourine-heavy record I've listened to this year."
The debut 7" EP from the ominously named Portland combo Meth Teeth has arrived this week on Sweet Rot Records, and it's got such an unsettling vibe of depravity and ruinous tones ringing throughout its grooves that it might just be that record that keeps you up at night, listening for those inevitable voices to creep inside your head. The band includes members of Artificial Limbs, Leper Print, and Night Wounds and churns out four powerful and subdued songs that reach beyond the scope of their members' previous incarnations, with an unnerving twisted conviction. It penetrates the genre confines with ease, just like some of their contemporaries such as Sic Alps and Nothing People have done so well, and ushers their name into the hushed inner circles of the discerning underground rock'n'roll cognoscenti.
The 7" is divided between two sides that show different facets to their direction, and the first tracks linger in a muddier psychedelic swamp of twirling melodies that form a beautiful backdrop for the eerie echoed vocals to seep into, and you'll see how well Meth Teeth craftily utilize their haunting guitar umbrage to maximum effect with such lush minimalism. "Bus Rides" slides around the grease and grime-laden blueprint that they have forged out of fragments of broken light bulbs and illusions of glassine spiders crawling up their arms, and instantly garners repeated listens. The b-side proffers more acoustic-based tracks that slowly bleed with such a hypnotic charm that it pulled me in from all directions before I even knew it. It may not hit you blindsided right off the bat, but after the third or fourth play, it's clear that Meth Teeth have something very good going on below the surface, and it may just be the unassuming b-side that clinches it. Starting off with "To My Good Friend," the next two tracks have hovered in my soft-boiled brain repeatedly for days and add even more certainty to the fact that some of today's best music lurks on the backsides of 7"s, just slightly out of the direct light that helps keeps it menacing, dark, and interesting.
Don't sit on your ass and pick up Meth Teeth's debut 7"
Hot Distro
-"Fuzzed out synth wildness" ---


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