Zürich, Zurich, Sw
Artist / Band / Musician
Gothic / Industrial / Electro
Danse Macabre
Moloch is the ancient god to whom they sacrificed children, it is the metropol, the cities of today.
Metallspürhunde redefined and recalibrated all of their elements. Shrinking the band after the quitting of two old members, Marion and Michel tried to find a new way of expressing themselves. After releasing many albums into a style of industrial rock they decided to minimize the arrangements to the real need. The outcome is beautiful and breathtaking. The singer, formerly known for his shouting aggressive singing style turns into melodic and sinsitive vocals while his partner Marion became a congenious duetpartner. The album was produced by Chad Blinman, who worked for artists like Michael Stipe (REM), Faith and the Muse and Das Ich and presents a beautiful blend of retro inspired alternative music. We call it Retro-Independent-Pop (RIP). The limited version comes in a digipac with an extra remix CD.
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