🎵 NEW METALLICA SONG Reaction - Adressing Mental Health with THIS ONE 🎵 - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 20, 2023
A new Metallica song dropped today Called "Screaming Suicide" - what a nice friday surprise, nice! More new Metallica music after 6 years!
Watch my reaction to this new Metallica song! Is it THE Metallica sound you are looking for? These are my thoughts about the new release! Also you can watch my latest stream for a full learning playthrough on the guitar! 🙈
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[Verse 1]
Welcome to this life
Born into the fight
Here to claim your dream
Look you in the eye
Patch the broken sky
Craving dopamine
Then my voice appears
Teaching you of fears
Are you good enough?
You don't recognize
Head is full of lies
You should just give up

Listen well, better listen well
Listen well, better listen well

Don't ever speak my name
Remеmber you're to blame
Keep mе inside
Keep me inside
My name is suicide

[Verse 2]
Curse another day
Spirit locked away
Punish and deprive
Hate to be awake
Living a mistake
More dead than alive
Then a voice appears
Whisper in your ears
"You are good enough"
Throwing down a rope
A lifeline of hope
Never give you up

Listen well, better listen well
Listen well, better listen well

Don't ever speak my name
Remember you're to blame
Keep me inside
Keep me inside
My name is suicide

[Guitar Solo]

Terrified in sleepless nights
Caught in spotlight, dead to rights
Isolate and fight your mind
Tellin' you you're left behind

[Guitar Solo]

My lying voice inside
Keeps drinking cyanide
And no more can you run
Into the sun

Terrified, sleepless nights
Caught in spotlight dead to rights
Isolate and fight your mind
Tellin' you you're left behind

And now you speak my name
You've given back the blame
Keep me deep inside
Don't you keep me inside
Screaming suicide

Now that I'm exposed inside
Shined a light on cyanide
I'm no longer needed here
Now you've faced your biggest fear
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