It's OVER for METALLICA | Screaming Suicide - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 20, 2023
WARNING...RED ALERT....It's OVER for METALLICA. I'm here to report the gods of metal are Screaming Suicide. This is true...just hours ago Metallica surprised the internet with a fresh release....and the title of the track is Screaming Suicide. Now, The internet is PREGNANT with tension, waiting with bated breath... Except Dave Mustaine. Call me if you need to talk. Question is, will this song be a symphony of destruction, or will papa het and Lars kill em all? You be the judge because we're about to watch the official video for Screaming Suicide. Now, the dark reality is that your guitar chops may be screaming suicide. I mean, has it really been 4.20 weeks since you've fingered the g string? Uhhhh, you're killing me bro...Get back on track with my FREE guitar newsletter below. Lessons on guitar technique and music theory delivered straight to your inbox.

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