MeSsY StEnCh

hELLywood, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Electro / Hard House / Hip Hop
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messy stench - furverta song about loving stuffed animals a little bit too much as a child and how messy dealt with the social consequences. click here to hear a sample of the track, whores! act fast, the first 10 sales get a personal gift, mailed from messy herself!!!

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oops i fucked your dog - child molestor

the only recorded song from the duo known as "oops i fucked your dog", child molestor was messy's first vocal debut ever! recorded with bandmate, toby terrordactyl in chicago. click here to hear a sample of the track, whores!

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catch me on my talk/music radio show, with 2 live shows during the week and archives played on radio satan 10 times the following week! i've interviewed/cohosted with peaches, gwar, kmfdm, hate eternal, lloyd kaufman of troma, dave vincent of morbid angel and genitorturers, the berzerker, obituary, kid entropy, the ass raping ninja, bozo porno circus, my robot friend, weasel walter, eustachian and tons more. click here for more details, archives, radio cam, request form and chatroom.
LIVE thursday & sunday 12-2pm PST

archives played 10 times a week - please check station for schedule

this is imdead's fansite, my most kickass fan:

bob's myspace fan group, "da messy hizzouse"

zombie baby doll's myspace fan group, "messy stench worship"

"craptabulous", eyelinier's myspace fan group:

and my most recent fansite, ERECTED by sadie!
featuring: over 100 pieces of fan art, contests, candid photos, webcams, surveys, naughty gifts, merchandise, news, journal, chatroom, ETC!!!
here's some of our kickass fan art, with work by rion vernon of, mattron of gwar, dave glass, bad taste, tim "hot in the sack" seeley of devils due, flux of crisiswear, synth of neosynthesis, jonah k of teknotribes and tons more:

catch me, eating off deli trays backstage, hangin' out with the mentally handicapped, scarfin' hot dogs out of the trash, etc.warning: may induce vomitting - here are some tame samples of my candid photo collection:

a whole collection of captured cam shots since 2002 - watch me masturbate my cat over and over!:

and don't forget to check out my merch, ranging from cute babydoll tshirts to authentic, bloody tampons. and just to answer your gay emails that i'm sick of getting: YES, PEOPLE BUY THIS SHIT! now fuck off and steal your dad's credit card. some samples of the perversity:

latest shoot by robyn swank:

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logo design collaboration between me and den of necroart:

photo by buff monster
i do custom tattoos, flash, and commissioned work. for more info, click the image above.

dumpstar designs on model eā€¢star:

email me for inquiries on trunk shows, fashion shows, shoots and custom work.
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