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Epithets are not really true names but phrases or terms which describe a characteristic of a person. Epithets can represent a physical characteristic, a character trait, or on a rare occasion represent the embodiment of a persons mystique as is such with Mental Supreme. Plagued with the stresses of survival at an early age in Do or Die Bedstuy, Brooklyn by way of Upstate New York, during the outbreak of the crack pandemic in the 80s coupled with little to no supervision in a single parent home with four other siblings, Mental Supreme realized he would have to fend for himself by the age of 9. Challenged by the future more than the past, Mental Supreme was not interested in the mundane activities of children. Instead he chose to develop internally and grow mentally by watching programs such as WABC's "Like It Is" which deals with the socio-political issues affecting Black America. Rejecting the victim of circumstance plea as a child of the ghetto, Mental Supreme adopted the belief system that when intelligence and the physical body work as one, then and only then will you have the ability to overcome any and all obstacles.

His residence in the battle zone of Bedstuy, Brooklyn fostered a warrior spirit. After being involved with every aspect of crime, Mental Supreme began churning his aggression, experience, and frustration, into music. Upon accepting his vocation as rapper extraordinaire, Mental Supreme felt compelled to showcase his talent via emcee competitions, open mic's, etc. as opposed to taking the mixtape route. Unfortunately, in many of those experiences the contests were rigged, leaving Mental Supreme disenchanted, but never deterred. Indicative of his self reliant mentality, Mental Supreme decided to create his own showcase for himself and other artists that wanted to hone their skills without the fraudulence; spawning Training Camp.

Tuesday night in the heart of New York City's East Village, Club Pyramid becomes home of the "Training Camp Showcase" in which artists work on their lyrics, delivery, stage presence, business savvy, and network; essentially laying the foundation for an all encompassing artist / entity. Training Camp is regarded by many as an "artist development program" for the up and coming recording / performing artist. The last Tuesday of each month is considered to be "Industry Tuesday". During this period the artist is given the opportunity to win large sums of money & showcase their talent in front of industry heavy weights such as Needlz {multi-platinum producer}, Steve Raze {president of}, Simon Rosen {high powered - entertainment attorney}, Riggs Morales {Sr. Director of A&R Shady/Aftermath}, Amadeus {multi-platinum producer}, just to name a few. Mental Supreme instills in the performing artist what he calls "The Five Disciplines" i.e. Hard work, Self-motivation, Commitment, Critical thinking, and Structure. Furthermore, participants are asked at random to recite "The Five Disciplines" which are defined by Mental Supreme as: Hard work- the ability to overcome any and all obstacles, Self motivation- being solely responsible for ones own success or failure, Commitment- actively involved with everything that pertains to you, Critical thinking- the ability to see your future based on intelligent decision making and Structure- to be organized. Without question Mental Supreme injects his self sufficient modus operandi into every aspect of Training Camp, encouraging attendees and aspiring artists to develop their creative skills & cultivate their business acumen. Building an occult-like following, learning the basics of radio spins {BDS}, marketing and promotion, are just a few of the business aspects Mental Supreme believes will give artists some leverage when dealing with the majors as well as independent labels. Ultimately Mental Supreme's macro perspective on the music industry has enabled him to build a solid fan base as an artist, while creating the most comprehensive hip-hop and R&B development initiative to date. But at the end of the day Mental Supreme will tell you "You have to love what you do to really become successful".

In the future, Mental Supreme plans to take Training Camp nationwide, hosting a Training Camp in all major cities, serving as the breeding ground for the next hip-hop and r&b legends.

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