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Hi. We're Adam and Björn. We have been, and are, involved in a number of Swedish indie acts, such as Boy Omega, 50 Hertz, Laurel Music, Bremen Brotröster GmbH and The Book of Daniel. Björn is also somewhat of a solo artist, with two albums behind him. Adam is one of the guys behind Johnny Bråttom Records, while Björn is involved in Tomt Recordings and Eget Bevåg Grammofon. Yes, I guess were kind of busy.

Memoplay started in the fall of 2004, and is a bit special in one way. As someone put it; they make the songs together, but not at the same time. Björn writes lyrics and vocals, and then records them with only an acoustic guitar. He then hands the song to Adam, who virtually does whatever he likes with it. Sometimes the result is pretty similar to the original idea, other times it is quite different.

We have released a four song 3 cdr-ep, but sometime there will be a proper release, probably an album. Right now we're looking for a nice label to work with. If we dont find one we will release the music ourselves.

Take care. Stay in school.
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