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Meg (Maria Di Donna) was born in Napoli, in a family where music is an important part of the emotional and sentimental education. Her parents listen to any kind of music, and this thing, together with the study of the pianoforte since she was a child, will inevitably influence her following artistic production. In 1994 , during the national occupation of italian universities and students demonstrations, she joins the band 99 Posse. This is a real tourningpoint for her and for the band's life. So she takes part in the writing of four among the most fundamental albums of the italian avantguard music panorama ( "Cerco tiempo", "Corto Circuito", "La vida que vendrà", "NA_99_10" ). Embracing with non-chalanche the underground music moviment and the top charts at the same time. In 2001 she works with Marco Messina on the soundtrack for the theatre show of Krypton's experimental company "Dentro la tempesta", based on "The tempest" by William Shakespeare. The duo was called Nous. They play live the soundtrack during the shows and Meg performes in the play the role of Ariel. In 2002 the cd by Nous "La Tempesta" was published. Throughout the years, many are the collaborations with various musicians, such as Subsonica, Tiro Mancino, Roy Paci, Pino Daniele, Speaker Cenzou,, Technophonic Chamber Orchestra. In 2004 she gives birth to her first solo homonym album, "Meg". Here, she has fun in composing, writing and playing and programming, creating her own audioworld, exploring all the deep emotional parts of herself , in a fresh, experimental, "multiformis" way. New collaborations in 2006: with ZU, Gnu Quartet and Katia Labeque. Today, 2007, she has just finished her new album co-produced with Stefano Fontana - a.k.a Stylophonic - out after summer!
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