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Mecca2Medina have been going for about eight years now. Mecca2Medina was formed by Rakin he was given this advice by his Sheikh. Before that Rakin was part of UK group called Cash Crew they were one of the most sucessful groups in the UK scene. He left this group to focus more on his Islamic studies this is when Sheikh Abu Bakr stated that he should form a group that would be 100% focusing on the deen (Religion). Brothers Ishmael and Imran (The planets) were the first members of the group, later on Doaud and Abdul Karim joined.The Music created by the group is conscious Hip Hop the aim is to bring back Hip hop to the days of crews like PE and X-Clan when to educate the listener was the most important.

All of the members converted to Islam and you can hear the influence of that in their lyrics. M2M have just come back from performing at Isna in Chicago they were very happy to perform with groups like M-Team and Flo-riders they also met up with talented musicians like Amir Suliman, BelikeMuhammed, Mpac, Native Deen,508 and many more that i will add later. For the last few years the group has been busy performing in Universities, colleges and theatre halls around the UK.

M2M have also been promoted on all of the Major TV stations in the UK.

M2M produce both conscious hip hop and Nasheeds which is raps done over Africian style drums this has helped the group to reach a wider audience.

They have released two Nasheed albums the new album will be out later on this month on soundVision.

Last year they did a collaberation with Malaysian group Raihan.

Earlier on this year they recorded a track with none other than Napoleon from the Outlawz, that track will be coming out in the very near future.

M2M have also launched their own record company called Dawah Media the website is presently being built they have artists such as Miss.Undastood, Abdul Nasr, Pearls of Islam and Usman signed to them. All of these artists are at the forefront of their chosen Genres.

M2M are firstly about Dawah spreading positive vibes in this increasingly dark world. they believe that every musician has a write to influence, guide and teach the next generation. As well as making and producing Music the boys are busy doing workshops with young people helping them to make the right moves in life.

Mecca2Medina also performed earlier this month at a stop the war concert with groups Extremists,Asian dub foundation, Fundamental and MC.Angel.

This helped the group to reach a new audience who were inspired by the sharp and deep lyrical content.

M2M have just come back from performing in Kano in Nigeria. They were taken there by the British Council. While they were there they performed at least six times at local universities and Islamic schools. The people of Kano were taken aback by the whole vibe of the group, they were so impressed with the group that they were invited to sit with local government officials to explain in more detail what they are trying to achieve with their music.

The boys also got to record an album with a local Howza group called Arewa. The album is a smart blend of traditional Nigerian Music with the UK rap

Check out m2m's record company crescent moon media definetly shining the light in these dark days.


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