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Hip Hop / Trip Hop / Punk
La Rock Inc. and Dis.Eased Wrekkids
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MC Homeless / Homicide

split 12"


MC Homeless is a socially conscious hip hop artist from Youngstown, Ohio. He grew up attending diy punk shows and singing in grindcore bands before starting a rap career at age 18. While attending college at the infamous Kent State he became active politically as well as musically, sharing the stage with such acts as The Coup and Spank Rock and playing many events including those put on by Anti-Racist Action. While in college he gained attention in the Ohio media as Cleveland's Scene Magazine named his ep Pink Unicorns one of the best releases of 2005. He would later drop Trapped Under an Ohio Sky, earning him 4 out of 5 stars in Alternative Press, garnering him some international attention which has led to his relentless international tour schedule and split 12 inch record with Indonesia's Homicide on Diseased Records. Homeless is currently working on projects with Riddlore of CVE/Project Blowed and French producer, Zoen of Milled Pavement Records.

I came into this world like a puzzled panther

waiting to be caged

but something stood in the way

I was never quite tamed

I crossed the paths of right and wrong

and saw them take their toll

I saw armies that marched

and like animals they crawled

Evolution is a process too slow

to save my soul

but I've got this creature on my back

and it just won't let go

If I am only an animal

then I can do no wrong

but they say something better

so I've gotta hold on.

-The Germs
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