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MC Eksman currently resides as the undisputed Number 1 MC in drum & bass. Over 8 thousand people worldwide voted at the Raveology National Drum & Bass Awards 2007 where he took both the available awards for MC's: 'BEST LYRICAL MC' and 'BEST CROWD HYPE.' Hosted by BBC's Fabio and Grooverider, established rave promoter Raveology are one of the most recognized awards in the scene.
Never before achieved by any other drum & bass MC, Eksman has taken place at the top of the pile and gained notoriety as well as swiping all the possible awards available to MCs. In addition to taking the double at Raveology, Eksman was also crowned 'BEST INTERNATIONAL MC' at the National German Drum and Bass Awards, adding yet another trophy to his fast growing collection.
Eksman starting his career back in 1996 and spent many years writing, polishing his performance and enhancing his lyrics until he felt ready to take what he had nurtured for so many years to the forefront of the scene. It was only really in 2003 when he got he first real bout of recognition when he was voted 'Best Newcomer' at both industry favourite Knowledge Magazine awards as well as the Accelerated culture awards. These two events saw him catapult onto the scene literally taking people and places by an absolute storm. His success story is one that is made from legend as by 2004 he had gone from Newcomer to King where he lifted the 'Best Lyrical MC' title from Skibadee for which eleven thousand people voted worldwide to put him in that place.
Since then Eksman has gone from strength to strength with the release in 2005 of Drive by Car, produced by Bingo head honcho DJ Zinc. Other releases included Bad Man on Frontline Recordings and They Don't Know on D Style Recordings. This year also saw Eksman win 'Best MC' in the BBC Radio 1xtra Online awards and he featured as the first guest on the hugely successful radio station.
2006 saw the release of Na Blood featuring Herbzie and Shortston which was the first full length vocal drum & bass video produced by the now legendary Eksman. It had regular showing on Channel U, the digital music station. 2006 also saw three releases Bingo Beats, Roll Slow, produced by Zinc, Blap with Nicol and Majistrate and Energy produced by D Kay.
In an extremely short time, in terms of a music career, Eksman has exploded onto the scene in a way that isn't comparable to any other talent. For someone still so young, the future can only be bright for this innovative and melodically gifted MC. A Bingo album, world tours to America and Asia as well as some super fast paced, deep and witty lyrics still to come, he is definitely something that has to be seen to be believed.
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