Deurne, Noord-Brabant, NL
Artist / Band / Musician
Hard House
MC DV8 started out as a hardstyle-mc in 2004. Before that he sung and played guitar in several rockbands. Nowadays DV8 belongs to the two most popular live-acts in Holland: Donkey Rollers and Showtek.

With these two pounding acts DV8 performed at Sensation Black, Defqon 1.(Showtek), In Qontrol, HardBass (Donkey Rollers) and Q-base.

Besides touring Europe with these live-acts DV8 also finds time to do solo-performances. As the host of Hardstyle-area's at Defqon 1, Hardbass, Mysteryland, In Qontrol and Q-base, DV8 underlined his quick earned a-status.

In 2005 DV8 was nominated as 'Best Mc' for the Release Dance Awards.

Besides rocking the stage on every gig he has, DV8 has also proven his talent in the recording studio. He made his first appearance on DJ Zany's 'Deep Inside'. Soon the first release of Project Deviate followed. On this E.P. that consists of the tracks 'Not my kind' and 'Flash' DV8 again worked with Zany, and Michel Pollen.

DV8's biggest club-banger is a co-production with his buddy Zany and Italian friend DJ Tatanka. In Zany's studio 'Front 2 back' was born. This track remains one of the biggest hardstyle smashers of 2006.

In 2007 MC DV8 kept following his own style, that varies from rock to more mainstream influences. He collaborated with Showtek to make a renewing hardstyle-track called 'Shout Out'. This banger guaranteed singing crowds everywhere.

Production wise, DV8 was a busy man in 2007. Together with Zany, he's also responsible for THE Hardstyle-bomb of last summer: Nothing Else Matters! Their latest killer 'Distorted/The Anthem', is in shops right now!

Currently DV8 has two new bangers coming up. With Showtek he made the follow-up for 'Shout Out'. It's called 'Hold us back' and will be released very, very soon. With Zany & Tatanka he went to the Zanzatraxx Studio's in Italy to make a follow-up for 'Front 2 Back', more to be heard from this project soon.

Showtek & DV8 @ Sensation Black 2008

Donkey Rollers live @ Defqon 1. Festival 2005

Donkey Rollin' partners in crime
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