Sydney City, New South Wales, AU
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Breakbeat / Electro
With a career spanning over 7years, Deekay is a true veteran behind the mic embodying the pure art form of what a Club MC/hype-man should be. From humble beginnings of house parties and “piss ups”, to hosting Sydney’s biggest underage events which in turn saw him catapult onto Australia’s clubbing scene. Deekay, though some what underrated, has built the reputation of being an exuberant charismatic, some times comical, voice of the club, hype-man that sweats energy at every event he hosts. His versatility in performing at a wide range of events, whether big or small, locally, nationally or internationally, and his ability to adapt to different genres of music proves that this MC is not only passionate about what he does but thoroughly understands the dynamics of the scene.

“I know crowds feed off our energy so it is extremely vital for a DJ to connect with the MC and the MC to connect with the crowd and vice versa. No party can be completely successful without that formula!! The best nights I have had have all boiled down to me connecting with the DJ and the crowd seeing that connection and loving it.”

With the admiration and nurturing of countless local and international DJ’s and MC’s, Deekay has grown and developed his skills and knowledge within the industry, understanding the tricks of the trade and what it truly means to be someone of importance within the business.

“Do it because you love it and not for the supposed status that comes with it! But be smart and look at yourself as a product and market yourself…. Be men and women of integrity and character; don’t let this get to your head!”

This headstrong nature has moulded him into the successful character he is today both on the mic and off. Although he may be a full time Club MC and a dedicated social butterfly, this hype-man has a lot more stored in his arsenal. Deekay over the years has hosted and featured on countless promotional mix-tapes showing his skill as an artist. He has been the voice behind many promotional club radio ads and also a video host featuring on promotional club night film clips.

Being in the business has seen him dabbled in the promotional side of things, successfully running events out of state on a monthly basis and influencing many club nights. His main focus now however, is to take the next step and show his artistic side, writing and recording tracks…stay tuned and remember the name…DEEKAY!!

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