Helia - I Might Be Wrong - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jul 15, 2014
From The Album "The Great Divide"

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We said it was forever, said we'd never part,
I knew it was a line, but I still gave you all my heart.
These waves whisper to me, calling me to the soft sand
The water sweeps over my feet, surrounding where I stand.

I just can't believe you're gone,
still waiting for morning to come
How did God choose?
One to keep one to loose.

You will be in my arms soon,
when you miss me look at the moon,
cos' when I miss you I'll do the same
and you won't feel any pain.

There is nothing to do just wait day to day,
Until you return, or we hear word that you're okay.
I'm here writing this song and sorry if it's been so long
I'm always finding an excuse to run but i might be wrong.

...father, I miss you so bad...
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