Mashtronic Records

Mönchengladbach, Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE
Record Label / Publishing / Artist Management
House / Electronica / Progrsv House
Mashtronic Records (Beatport Exclusive)
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Mashtronic Digital catalogue:

MSHD001: Seyton & Dumb Dan "Buck Futter"

(Original, Cryo Remix)

MSHD002: P.F.P. "Delicious Fire" EP

(Delicious Fire & Hurt Me)

MSHD003: Andi Vax "Future In Your Hands" EP

(Future Is Here & People Of The Future)

MSHD004: Moonbeam "Night Secrets" EP

(Obscene & Indian Summer)

MSHD005: Mario Ochoa "A Number Of Small Things"

(Original, Andi Vax Remix & Mashtronic Remix)

MSHD006: Goshva & N-Code "Emotion"

(Original, Sveshnikov Remix, Proff Remix, Key900 Remix, Mr. Slide Remix)

MSHD007: Gutterstylz "Body Work"

(Original, Dub)

MSHD008: Re-Zone "128 Bass Killers Attack The Pop Industry" EP

(128 Bass Killers Attack The Pop Industry (Original Mix, DJ Sight Remix), Am I A Robot? (Original Mix))

MSHD009: Dubfunk "Cruel"

(Original Mix, Dubfunk Cruel Remix)

MSHD010: LeRon, Yves Eaux & Luke Star "Fashionized"

(Original Mix, Nick K. Remix)

MSHD011 - Snake Sedrick "Los Angeles"

(Orignal Mix & Mashtronic Remix)

MSHD012: Lenny Fontana "Broolym Medlom"

(Original Mix, Tim Davison Remx, Mashtronic Remix)

MSHD013: Mashtronic "Mashtronic EP 3"

(King Of The Hill & Converted)

MSHD014: SATelite "Sick Of It EP"

(Sick Of It, The System and Eyo)

MSHD015: Thomas Sagstad "Superman"

(Original Mix, Riballo Remix, Ogi Gee Cash Remix, Synchronized Remix, Ian F. Remix and SATelite Remix)

MSHD016: Elegant Universe "Hypnotized EP"

(Hypnotized & Beyond)

MSHD017: Steve Mill "Equalize It"

(Original Mix, Mashtronic Remix, Fusion F & Come T Remix)

MSHD018: Bradler & Cid Inc "Docklands EP"

(Docklands & The Habour)

MSHD019: Fine Taste "Splashback EP"

(Splashback & Routine Maintenance)

MSHD020: Fusion F & Come T "Pharaoh"

(Original Mix & Markus Lange Remix)

Future Releases:

MSHD021: Saul B "Show Me How"

(Original Mix & Luke Porter Remix)

MSHD022: Jalebee Cartel "Jigsaw"

(Original Mix & Bradler Remix)

Mashtronic Records catalogue:

MSH001: Mashtronic "Force"

(Original, 16 Bit Lolitas, Phatjak) & Schoenbrunn & Pfennig Remix (digital only)

MSH002: Phatjak "Katrina"

(Original, Mashtronic Remix)

MSH003: Can Costa & MOS "Party People"

(Original, 16 Bit Lolitas, Mashtronic Remix)

MSH004: Pole Folder "For One Moment Of Glory" EP

(A Million Ways To Give Up, Everyday (Original), Everyday (Mashtronic Remix)

MSH005: Mashtronic "Earthquake"

(Original, Mark Dynamix & Jaytech Remix, Nick Muir Remix)

MSH006: Dousk "Mocca" EP

(Acrobatics, Biz1982)

MSH007: Nick Muir "I Feel Real" as featured on Hernan Cattaneos "Sequential" CD (Renaissance)

(Original Mix & Chopstick Remix)

digital only:

1. Hernan Cattaneo & John Tonks Remix

2. Mashtronic Remix

3. Schoenbrunn & Pfennig Remix

4. Mike Brin Dub Mix

MSH008: Chloe Harris & Seth Thomas "Skooch"

(Original Mix & Oliver Lieb Remix)
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