Germany, FI
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House / Progrsv House / Electronica
Mashtronic, Bedrock, GU, Restart, SexOnWax
John Digweed & Sasha @ Mansion (WMC 2007) playing "Eskomo" (Mashtronic Remix)

Sasha & Digweed @ Mansion WMC'07

Mashtronic - The name that has been circulating the club scene big time over the past four years.

Mathias Bradler (DE) and Henri Hurtig (SE/FI), the names behind the project , both born in the same year 1976, has proved that a collaboration through the internet works as good as it would be sitting beside each other in a studio.

When their first release saw the daylight in 2004, they were confident that they had something really good going on as the Mashtronic EP was club hit and gained worldwide support from the big players all over. Up to date they have an impressive discography consisting of over 70+ releases, both originals and remixes on labels like Global Underground, Bedrock, Ministry Of Sound, SR2, Data, Alternative Route, Eyezcream. Their diverse and unique sound has appealed DJ's like John Digweed, Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, Paul van Dyk, Dave Seaman, Armin Van Buuren, Andy Moor, Deep Dish, Desyn Masiello to name a few and topped the most prestige charts like Buzz and Balance.

The success with the releases has taken them DJing on venues all over the world, from South America, across Europe to Australia and Asia. Since 2007 they are part of the massive Global Underground world tour.

In the beginning of 2006 Mathias and Henri launched their two labels Mashtronic Records and Restart Records. At the moment they preparing Mashtronic Records 20th release.

2009 will be another exceptional year for the dynamic duo. Their new projects called Bradler & Hurtig, Bradler & Smith, Bradler & Dualton and of course their solo productions have already gained very respectable reputation.

What comes to their Mashtronic project, the profile just keeps growing and growing even bigger with loads of new productions and gigs all over the globe.


Mashtronic [DJ/Live Act] &

Mathias Bradler [DJ-Sets]:

Nightlaw Artist & DJ Agency

c/o Joe Saltiel



P: +43 699 17150881

F: +43 7242 216215

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