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Eagle Rock, US
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Indie / Folk
".You don't have to dig deep to see the joy springing from this Eagle Rock gang. The joy comes from their bevy of keyboards, their big hair (that's you Jordan), and their girl-boy harmonies. Bouyant and energetic and timelessly young. Unassuming and polite, the lead of MT took charge and poured over his songs jealously like each was a mistress. He held on so tight and then gave them up and watched us and watched the songs get set free. He had little interaction with his bandmates, playing to the audience solidly for the eight-song set. We clapped and MT smiled so graciously, seemingly charmed by the well-deserved adulation. MT's set was brief but packed full of energy and uplifting and bouncy and tight. Jordan wasn't bothered by inane audience chatter. MT kept it about the music and that was the right thing to do."- Angel Baker, The Deli Magazine
"If there was one new act who, I believe, can shake the confines of the L.A. scene and make some ripples elsewhere it's Marvelous Toy. They've got endearing vocals and creative instrumentation that doesn't fit the face of a no-name act. (10/1/08)
.an energy that sounds at home amongst flannel shirts, chlorophyll depleted leaves, and comfortable jeans. Perhaps this band appeals to the senses so well because of the wholesome, comforting sound that is deeply entrenched in an earthy Americana meets independent rock crossbreed. While the weather is changing, the leaves are falling, and even your seasonal wardrobe is shifting - Marvelous Toy has already shed its Summer exoskeleton to make your transition (sound) better. This L.A. quartet is (mainly) the brainchild of Jordan Hudock's powerful voice and strong lyrics, their new EP All Is Quiet is so new that it still has that intoxicating "new smell" on its cover but offers so much I had a difficult time selecting which of the six songs to showcase. However, while the packaging is new the songs have a vibe and polished production that would make you think otherwise. Check out the catchy tunes "The City Is A Washing Machine" and "Waiting For The Fire" which may remind many of a blend of Okkervil River, Bright Eyes, and The Walkmen. A strong sound and very solid EP - one that you can play through and/or on repeat without hesitation. L.A. is a hard city to make it in but I have feeling they'll make it just fine keep an eye on this act. (9/18/08)"
- I Guess I'm Floating
".They make a fine noise that's pure honey for the ears. 'You Were Brighter' sounds like Crash Test Dummies covering Arcade Fire's 'Funeral' while Jeff Tweedy plays with his straggly beard. The band have just released their new EP, 'All is Quiet' which comes with a recommendation from the Devil. Go visit the bands website where you can listen to the tracks and then hit the Go Buy."- The Devil Has The Best Tuna
"Marvelous Toy's EP, All is Quiet, is, well, marvelous. a self-assured gem filled with tiny epics, songs that reach for the high ring and usually capture it. They sound, at times, like Arcade Fire filtered through a more acoustic, natural reference point. Singer Jordan Hudock has mad-genius hair, but the greatness of his songs is the simple beauty and pure passion that he conjures."-
"If I didn't know better I would swear that this group was from Nashville, Atlanta, somewhere where a harmonica is used a little more often than in Silverlake, California. Jordan Hudock, Ny Lee, Cody Hudock, and Franck Fiser make up the joyous and energetic sound of Marvelous Toy.- BeatCrave
"Then there's my love affair with the LA scene and more particularly Marvelous Toy. I just can't get "The City Is a Washing Machine" out of my head, and honestly, I just don't wanna! But don't be fooled by this one little song on our show, their new EP, 'All Is Quiet' surprises with each new track and doesn't bask in the same sound over and over and over…"- One Kind Radio
"It's a bit folk, a lot of indie, almost Appalachian at times, but really lively, like an original Americana music form with bookish lyrics. [They] can also flat out rock till you're ready to jump up and dance. I was flabbergasted. They're not just a good new band, they're a great band. So many new local bands seem to spring to life fully formed, like they're already performing at the the top of their capabilities, but they keep surprising me and topping themselves. Marvelous Toy is another band to add to that group."- Feed Your Head
".More assertive than folk, less aggressive than rock, more intelligent than pop. Retrobilly, maybe. "The City is a Washing Machine" opens with acoustic guitar, a vigorously thumped kick drum, and vocals, eventually we get organ and other stuff (the happy click of drumsticks, for instance, and piano) but it's far into the song, the last word of the chorus in fact, before I hear a bass. And that's very minimalist cool. As is the ending: an unfinished line, both lyrically and musically. Witty. I like witty. Let's all buy their album so they feel obligated to tour. Los Angeles is too far to drive. Though, Marvelous Toy just might be worth it."- Know Your Music
".Manages to once again prove a 4-piece can sound just as good as all those fancy orchestral ensembles while lyrically keeping to that Americana meets British folk troubadour feel that we all love."
- LA-Underground
".Achieves the enviable balance of staying closely in touch with the zeitgeist while still sounding excitingly original. These six songs have been polished until they sparkle like jewels, with lots of little artistic touches throughout. The melodies are charming, and some call to mind the music of past eras filtered through a modern sensibility. Well-written songs and a painstakingly crafted sound."
- Performer Mag
"I don't know if local LA act Marvelous Toy has ever even played a show before, but I've had their six-song EP on repeat in my computer since it arrived at the Radio Free Silver Lake corporate offices a week and change ago — and the first track You Were Brighter snuck onto the mix I played outside at Little Radio Summer Camp last weekend. It's that damn catchy. Lots of promise here. One to watch out for."
- Radio Free Silver Lake
".Marvelous Toy balance deep, heavy-down lyrics with a garagey folksiness that sways with warm and fuzzy optimism — a pitch-perfect note of frazzled, ironic cheer."
- Flavorpill
"Not many bands out there boast a mad composer as their front man. A cartoon version of Beethoven dashed with the indie cousin of Ben Folds and a hidden streak of Kramer. Local LA band Marvelous Toy certainly bring something as entertaining and eclectically precise as such a combination suggests. I feel like I have my own little secret, waiting to be broken to everyone else. Los Angeles is teeming with local bands who care more about their persona than the music they play, but Marvelous Toy thankfully is in it for the right reasons. Perhaps you'll see more whimsical Wilco wisps or threads of John Lennon. but either way, I think you'll agree that Marvelous Toy is a great band on which to train your eye; unpretentious, well-crafted and just damn fun to listen to."
- LA Cityzine
"Indie rock with a touch of folk is just bursting from the seams on this debut EP. Damn the harmonies these guys (and sometimes girl) bang out are so beautiful."
- Delusions of Adequacy
"Horrible name for a band."- Fred from "Demolisten"

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