Marla Sokoloff - Useless Valentine (Smittin) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Sep 02, 2013
Lyrics to Useless Valentine:
I'm sick of watching you rise through the top
I liked and loved your mistakes
I'm starting to feel a little numb
I'm starting to feel burning some
He says I'm weak, can I take all his time?
Well, I just want what is surely mine
Give me a chance to shatter your heart

Good for nothing love of mine
Worthless, useless valentine
Where are you hiding, good natured man?
When I call, run as fast as you can
Sure I've seen your ugly side
But when I look in the mirror I'm still your girl
No, they don't understand
Till we're together run as fast as you can

Remember when I was on top
And you were calling out my name?
Now, we're fighting for our feelings
And now it's your turn, not so thrilling

Yeah, I'm jealous and insecure
But you want time and I'm not really sure
Are you giving up on me?

[chorus 2x]
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